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Inspiring Participant Stories

Check out some of the most interesting stories shared by our HDOR participants on their fitness journey, and how HDOR events and challenges have helped them achieve the change.

Nirav Mistry (Mumbai) – HDOR Legends

The only reason for me to participate in ‘100 Days of Running’ is Discipline. It always pushes me to go for a run.... Read More

Hari Haran – HDOR Legends

I had never run after my college days and thought I was thinking of starting again at some point in time. Most of my friends were into running and I...... Read More

Shashank Yadav – HDOR Legends

Running for 100 Days every year is one of my driving forces to lead a healthy and stress-free life. Each year brings in a new challenge, a day when I...... Read More

Pradyumna Rao (Bangalore) – HDOR Legends

I started my running journey in 2014, to shed some weight when I joined the gym. And I use to run on the treadmill. After some time I thought of...... Read More

Ashok Saini – HDOR Legends

I believe and strongly follow a healthy routine, where strength training with Running is part of my daily fitness routine. I think and believe that “Running allows me to set...... Read More

Santosh Kumar (Noida) – HDOR Legends

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha HDOR helps imbibe a healthy...... Read More

Rohit Pandey – HDOR Legends

HDOR has always been special to me. I started running in the year 2016 and luckily got introduced to HDOR at the very beginning of my running journey. What motivates...... Read More

The Spartan Creed (Chandigarh Tri-city) – HDOR Groups

The goal of ‘The Spartan Creed’ is to motivate the athletes to be the best version that they can be, make new friends and to most importantly have fun in...... Read More

Abhishek Sharma – HDOR Legends

It has been a wonderful journey with HDOR since 2015. It has truly helped me in getting better at my health. I took it as a challenge as I was...... Read More

Manmeet Kapoor (Delhi) – HDOR Legends

After my heart surgery in 2014, I was physically and mentally weak like every other heart patient. Started with a brisk walk in September 2015, I came to know about...... Read More