HDOR – Manal – Bangalore Xpress runners

I am here to share my new experience of 100 days of running challenge, this experience
brought out the confidence in me and made me aim for higher goals. Running
2km everyday was a whole new experience with my mother. It made me have a productive routine for 100 days straight , and I am really looking forward to participating in the next year as well. I am in high school and a sports captain and am proud that I am now a 5km marathon runner. I participated in many events with my group around Bangalore.

It’s a moment of pride for me, all the credit goes to this amazing group of BXR (Bangalore express Runners) . Ever since the day I became a part of this group, I got a whole new character of myself and personality. I learnt that I can be strong….. I had very enjoyable memories and experiences of marathoner events and challenges with the group. This group always encouraged me in everything that’s possible. I have participated in many 10 days and 21 days challenges and received many certificates and trophies of excellence from the group. And I am really lucky to be a part of this special group. I really want to thank this special person because she built this group with love, care and support💪. And because of her I could see a sports person in myself. And that special person