HDOR – Gaurav Chaudhary

My name is Gaurav Chaudhary
I started running in the year 2004 ran my first 7 km in Airtel Delhi half marathon in that year
Gradually came in contact with Asian Marathon Champion Dr Sunita Godara who inspired me so much that I decided to take on long distance running
I have since than run 61 half marathon races
I have also the distinction of completing Airtel Delhi half marathon race with a visually impaired person twice.
My motto is simple
Completing is more important than competing
Race at your pace
In addition to the above I have also been a participant in the 100 days of running challenge since it’s inception in 2015
My name is counted amongst the legends
I owe this to my dear friend tanvir kazmi and his team at HDOR for all the motivation and encouragement to take on this challenge year after year