HDOR – Pranav Sai – Bangalore Xpress runners

100 days of running has incredibly helped me with my regular health & fitness routine since it has made it easier for me to stick to a regular jogging plan. It inspired me to run longer and more consistently. Being a part of Bangalore Xpress Runners group I have bagged numerous trophies for my consistent participation by HDOR group.

Thanks to HDOR, I now run four or five days a week. Your challenges have helped me to maintain both physical and mental wellness while focusing more intently on my academic coursework. I never thought that I’d enjoy running so much, and I’m proud to be a part of HDOR because it makes me think of all the amazing fitness objectives I can accomplish. After finishing my first 5 km race last year, I’ve become regular. I am currently preparing to run my first 10 km. I credit HDOR challenges for truly helping me form the habit of regular exercise. Once more, I would like to thank team HDOR.