HDOR – Ajay Kumar Lal

This is the 5th year of the World’s Great Race Festival. I have been participating in the HDOR running event since 2020. Entering HDOR’s fifth year in 2024. HDOR made me aware of the right way to live life. I was battling lifestyle diseases before 2020. The medicines were having negative effects on my body. Ever since I joined HDOR in 2020, my lifestyle started changing and I started quitting medicines from the second year 2021. Positive energy started flowing in my body. As the years passed, I became friends with many new runners while running. Got motivation to make life better. I turned 55 in 2022 and I ran 55 km on the 92nd day of the HDOR 2022 event. I am giving the link here – https://strava.app.link/VzbCotA6sxb This was the longest run of my life which was possible only because of the motivation of HDOR. I give this message to all Indians to walk and run every day and keep their health healthy. Join HDOR and experience a new vigor and energy in 100 days.

Ajay Kumar Lal
HDOR FIT ID 274495