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Inspiring Participant Stories

Check out some of the most interesting stories shared by our HDOR participants on their fitness journey, and how HDOR events and challenges have helped them achieve the change.

Satyanarayan Prasad Devarakonda – HDOR Legends

I started running to lose weight and stay fit. Subsequently, I realized that running is a lot more than just being in shape and looking good. Running started allowing my... Read More

Mani S – HDOR Legends

Running helped me realise my potential! I was always skinny growing up. “Excercise”, had no idea what it meant. I just knew that I could eat junk and never gain... Read More

Joshua Senthiappan – HDOR Legends

The ‘100 Days of Running’ event has been part of my annual calendar since 2017. What started off as a long shot has now become something that I eagerly look... Read More

Prakash Khatri – HDOR Legends

‘100 Days of Running’ challenge helps me to remain active for 100 days by running a minimum of 2 km. I always remember the tag line for the event: Come... Read More

Christy Vivek Gogu – HDOR Legends

Usually, during the summer months, the last thing I want to do is run! But thanks to the perfectly timed HDOR challenge, I am able to keep up my running... Read More

Harpal Singh (Bengaluru) – HDOR Legends

‘100 Days of Running’ is very close to my heart and I wait every year for edition to start with new challenges. I try to do between 5-10 km on... Read More

Samudrajeet Ghosh (Kolkata) – HDOR Legends

It was April of 2016 when I came across ‘100 Days of Running’ on Facebook. I had decided to run the same and registered but didn’t log a single day... Read More

Pradip Mondal – HDOR Legends

100 days of running is an original out of the box concept first time in India, which provides a platform for the following category of runners: – For the first-timers... Read More

Sudhir Sharma (New Delhi) – HDOR Legends

What motivates me most to run 100 days? I, Sudhir Sharma, as an athlete can quote numerous reasons that can be counted as motivating factors for me but one strong... Read More

Dinesh Patel (Mumbai) – HDOR Legends

This is my fourth year to run ‘100 Days of Running’challenge. At the time of my first registration in the year 2017, I was not sure whether I’ll be able... Read More