HDOR – Melanie Briganza – Bangalore Xpress runners

My return to regular exercise and maintaining a routine were aided by the HDOR challenges. I am regularly participating in 100-days of running challenges organized by the HDOR team from the last several years and being a part of the Bangalore Xpress Runners (BXR) group.

The best part of HDOR virtual events is that people who have busy schedules like me could fit exercise into their events because there were no strict time or location requirements.

Thank you for the BXR group’s community sharing and introducing me to this wonderful opportunity. It was my childhood buddy Ancy who introduced me to the group, bringing together a number of people of all ages. Through posts on social media handles, motivating leaderboards and postings inspire each other. I enjoyed being a part of this group and had fun. I am pretty sure I’ll be part of their upcoming challenges too.