HDOR – Priya Kannan – Bangalore Xpress runners

Our story of walking becomes the most adventurous one since we joined the 100 days of running and became a part of the Bangalore Xpress Runners group. Hello, My name is Priya Kannan, and with Latika my daughter who is on the autism spectrum. We were told to take part in the 100-days of Running challenge and 21-day challenges organized by HDOR.

We were both motivated to start walking as a way of life by Ancy, our team leader for the Bangalore Xpress runners (BXR) group. We began strolling around the apartment together in 2023, thanks to her encouragement, and we finished four 3-kilometer walkathons. We got so inspired when we grabbed the award for being in the list of top 5 groups. We appreciate Ancy’s support and inspiration, as well as the HDOR group for motivating us by showcasing our stats via leaderboard.

My daughter’s progress and amazing efforts inspired me to bring this platform as a part of our life. This was a wonderful experience for us, even if we were unable to finish in the allotted amount of days. Together, we cherished and relished our walks. We have made a wonderful relationship with HDOR and our running group. We appreciate Team HDOR for putting together this fantastic 100-day Challenge opportunity.
Thank you once again.