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Deepak Chhillar (Delhi) – Inspiring Story #45

“Running is the best gift that I have received because it has changed my lifestyle, and I feel great about it,” says Deepak Chhillar who works as a Business Manager...... Read More

Monika Kadian – Inspiring Story #44

I started running in May 2019 to detoxify my body and mind. My weight was 96 kg and I was under medication for depression, as my brothers expired in a...... Read More

Dwarka Xpress Runners (Delhi) – HDOR Groups

जीवन में खुश रहना है तो,अच्छे लोग, आदते, संग में लो जोड़, अस्पताल के चक्कर से बचना है? नित्य 2 से 5 K कर लो दौड़। Dwarka Xpress Runners –...... Read More