100 Days of Steps Challenge 2024



100 Days Of Steps is a 10-stage challenge lasting 100 days. With the duration of 10 days for each stage comes 5 unique challenges which get tougher as you move onto the next stage.
From stage 2, challenges are determined based on your accomplishments from stage 1. Earn points for every 1000 steps you walk throughout the day, plus bonus points for completing individual tasks.
The number of points accumulated will determine the finisher level.

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You can only finish each challenge once.
The maximum acceptable daily steps are 25000. Beyond 25000 steps, there are no additional points. Goals determined for each stage are based on how well the prior stage was performed.


Enroll in the event

Explore the different challenges and sign up for the event online. The event begins on January 1

Count your steps

Install the Google Fit app on your smartphone to monitor your daily step total. Alternatively, you may use a FitBit, Apple Watch, or Garmin device.

Complete the challenges

The 100-day event features 50 different step challenges. Complete them according to the challenge timelines

View your progress

Check your challenge status and event reports on the HDOR website or mobile app.


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Entry Only

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  • Entry into the event

  • Website and mobile app tracking

  • Access to leaderboard and reports

  • Automatic data import

  • Personalized finisher e-certificate

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Leaderboard & Reports

Once you have registered for the event, you will be able to download the official HDOR app (iOS | Android) and view your event stats for your submitted activities.

Check your rank against other participants as well as check out the podium place finishers in each run category.

You will also be able to view all the reports and leaderboards using your HDOR login account on your laptop or computer.


Jan 1st - Jan 10th

Daily Goal

3000 steps per day

Active Days

Minimum 4000 steps on any 3 days

Super Day

Minimum 6000 steps on any one day

Stage Goal

Total of 36,000 steps in 10 days

Perfect Stage

Beat daily goal of 3000 steps for all 10 days


Estimate your target for next stage

* The targets for next stage will either be equal or more than the previous stage targets.

** The calculations shown above are for basic understanding. The final targets may differ.

*** The target of the next stage are dependent on how much is actually done during the previous stage


Based on the points earned from the various challenges, finishers will be categorised as Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Iron finishers. You will be considered a finisher of the event and be eligible for the finisher's medal if you earn at least 5000 points. Every 1000 steps will earn you 4 bonus points in addition to challenge points, which will help you in reaching your targeted finisher level.

Finisher CategoryCriteria (Points)Gratification(s)
Diamond20000Personalized Medal, e-certificate
Platinum15000Personalized Medal, e-certificate
Gold12500Medal, e-certificate
Silver10000Medal, e-certificate
Bronze7500Medal, e-certificate
Iron5000Medal, e-certificate


Get a customised T-shirt for you to complete this challenge in style.


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*The medal design is indicative. The final design and finish may vary.


Can stages be completed in any order?

No, the stages must be finished in the specified order, beginning with stage 1 and ending with stage 10. Each stage lasts 10 days.

Stage Start Date End Date Stage Start Date End Date
Stage 1 Sun, Jan 1 Tue, Jan 10 Stage 6 Mon, Feb 20 Wed, Mar 1
Stage 2 Wed, Jan 11 Fri, Jan 20 Stage 7 Thu, Mar 2 Sat, Mar 11
Stage 3 Sat, Jan 21 Mon, Jan 30 Stage 8 Sun, Mar 12 Tue, Mar 21
Stage 4 Tue, Jan 31 Thu, Feb 9 Stage 9 Wed, Mar 22 Fri, Mar 31
Stage 5 Fri, Feb 10 Sun, Feb 19 Stage 10 Sat, Apr 1 Mon, Apr 10

Can challenges be completed in any order?

Yes, you can complete the challenges in any order. You can plan your week, focusing on doing Active Day and Super Day challenges on weekends and maintaining daily challenges on weekdays.

Can I submit data for the past days?

You cannot submit the steps data manually, but yes, if you have steps count in a supported app, then you can fetch it and it will be considered in the event. Please note that targets of current stage are based on your steps data in previous stage. If you are fetching steps of previous stage, then your targets of subsequent stages may be revised and you may miss few of the challenges. And in such cases, HDOR cannot help in manually updating your targets as all the calculations are automatic.

What if I fail to finish a challenge?

It’s all right. Just the set points for the challenge are missed by you. It does not disqualify you from the stage or event.

Can I just focus on completing my daily personal goal?

Yes, you can focus on achieving your daily personal step goal, which gives points for every 1000 steps. It might or might not assist in finishing other stage difficulties.

How can I sync my data with HDOR?

Step 1- You need to record steps in the recommended apps. A list of recommended apps is available at https://hdor.com/supported-apps/
* For recording Steps use Google Fit and Apple Health(Iphone Users), For Run/Ride you can use these as well as our other supported apps

Step 2- Allow HDOR to import steps data from your app at https://hdor.com/app/#/user/connectedApps

Step 3- Once every three hours, we’ll import the data from your app that tracks your steps. Please visit the FAQ page at https://hdor.com/help-and-support/ for additional information.

Can I find an HDOR app for download?

Feel free to download our HDOR app from both [ Android ] and [ IOS ] platforms. We’ve provided the links for you to easily access and install the app.

When does GoogleFit steps sync up with HDOR?

HDOR import steps data from GoogleFit in every 3 hours. In every import from GoogleFit, HDOR checks for the steps data of last 48 hours. Even after 48 hours, if your data is not updated in HDOR, you can manually fetch the steps or can contact HDOR at support@HDOR.com

Do I have the option to repeat a challenge?

No, you cannot complete the same challenge multiple times. Nevertheless, you will continue to receive bonus points for every 1000 steps you take, up to a daily limit of 25000 steps.
The daily steps will be automatically mapped to challenges which are yet to be completed and will earn maximum points

Can I run instead of steps?

Yes, you can. Because GoogleFit and other support Apps record your steps also while running and those steps will be considered for the event. Steps taken throughout the day will be considered for the event. But those steps should be recorded in one of supported app.

Can Active and Super Day be the same?

No, You need to complete Active and Super Day seperately. Active and Super Day cannot overlap with each other.Your steps will be automatically mapped with the challenge. You do not have to worry about it.

Can I be disqualified?

Event organizers can reject any entry which is suspicious.
Event organizers have the right to take any decisions for disqualifying a participant if the participant is considered to have taken any external help , or cheated in any way.

Cancellation and Refund Information?

Please refer to our refund and cancellation policy here.