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Gopinath Mohan Rao – Inspiring Story

I’m a native of Mysuru in Karnataka. I got retired as Assistant Controller of Defence Accounts, in the year 2009. My maiden run was for 5 km in Mysuru in...... Read More

Joshua Senthiappan โ€“ HDOR Legends

The ‘100 Days of Running’ event has been part of my annual calendar since 2017. What started off as a long shot has now become something that I eagerly look...... Read More

Harpal Singh (Bengaluru) โ€“ HDOR Legends

‘100 Days of Running’ is very close to my heart and I wait every year for edition to start with new challenges. I try to do between 5-10 km on...... Read More

Shashank Yadav โ€“ HDOR Legends

Running for 100 Days every year is one of my driving forces to lead a healthy and stress-free life. Each year brings in a new challenge, a day when I...... Read More

Pradyumna Rao (Bangalore) โ€“ HDOR Legends

I started my running journey in 2014, to shed some weight when I joined the gym. And I use to run on the treadmill. After some time I thought of...... Read More

Feet On Track – HDOR Groups

Feet-on-Track, we are new kids on the block. We formed this confluence in 2020 with like-minded people consisting of running enthusiast and also seasoned runners. We are based out of...... Read More

RunAddicts (Bangalore) – HDOR Groups

Rajarajeshwari Nagar tucked away in the southwestern part of Bangalore along the Mysore Road is known for its scenic beauty and Rajarajeshwari Temple. But in the last few years, Rajarajeshwari...... Read More

Passion Runners (Bangalore) – HDOR Groups

Team Passion Runners are a group of like-minded people who do the workout in Basaveshwar Nagar and Dr Abmdekar Stadium. They have set their fitness goals and they don’t leave...... Read More