Back in 2015, the first time someone mentioned a “10k run” to me, I didn’t even understand what it meant. Did the participant have to pay/raise Rs.10k, or was the prize-money Rs.10k? This is where I started. I could not believe that non-athletes like me could run 10km.

Somehow, I started going to a nearby lakeside in 2016. Those first runs were not impressive, nor were they easy. I walked more than I ran, and I doubt my distance was even one kilometre. But I did it. And I knew I wanted to continue. So every week, starting at only twice per week, I went outside and ran/walked. Over the years, I secretly wished I could be like the people I’d see running on the streets & lakeside – where it looked easy and simple. I kept running. It’s funny. There was never an actual moment when I fell in love with running… but it just sort of happened.

Fast forward to 2020, Running has become simpler, easier. Running is my go-to activity. A good day- celebrate by running. A bad day- run it out. Running has also helped my creativity. Something about being alone with my thoughts always gets me thinking of new ideas. Getting out and physically moving is so empowering. And all you need is your shoes!

As we start with HDOR 2020, it is my wish that more people can feel and share the joy of running outdoors.