Software AG, a company established in 1969 has turned 50 years last year. Spread across more than 70 locations, the character and personality of Software AG are personified by the unique culture and pioneering spirit of our people.

Social and environmental commitment has always been a part of the core values of our organization. Being accountable and giving back are therefore considered as privileges we are blessed to have. Through our unique “Move your feet” campaign by Software AG Foundation, each kilometre we run, swim and walk, a certain amount is donated for charity. We, a group of 21 enthusiastic runners at the Bangalore office, are gearing up this year to take up the challenge of HDOR-2020.

It all started with a small WhatsApp group of runners who took part in HROR-2019. The stories of those who completed the challenge successfully have inspired more and more folks to take the plunge.

We are Techies!! We are Runners!! We are from Software AG.