After my heart surgery in 2014, I was physically and mentally weak like every other heart patient. Started with a brisk walk in September 2015, I came to know about 100 Days of Running in 2016 and participated in that edition. It gave me a sense of regularity and I noticed an immense improvement in my physical and mental health and thereafter I never looked back and completed a number of half marathons.

Again I participated in 100 Days of Running 2017 edition and was at number 1 rank in Delhi and 13 overall.
2019 edition was my 4th year of participation in this event.
2020 would be my 5th year of participation in the event.

People like me who are affected by one or the other sever problem like heart disease can develop a habit of regularity and slowly develop the lost fitness.

I would urge everyone to develop a sense of regularity in a physical workout with the combination of diet to keep themselves fit and live a healthy life and I can tell you that 100 Days of Running helps in developing that habit of regularity towards physical fitness very much.