LB Nagar Runners is one of the oldest sub-groups under the Hyderabad Runners Society that has been encouraging the citizens of Hyderabad to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle for over 13 years. The Hyderabad Runners Society has promoted running as a preferred means of being fit.

The group has over 180 fitness enthusiasts who over the years have adopted running as a way of their lives. Since the last 3 years, we’ve been participating in the HDOR event.

In 2017, we had only 3 folks who participated in HDOR. This number rose to over 20 in 2018 and to 35+ in 2019. We’re excited to be a part of the HDOR 2020 program this year with 68 people. Our growth has been manifold.

Our group has runners who’ve participated in international marathons including the world majors, runners who’ve participated in multiple ultra events (over 150 km), national-level swimmers, national masters podium finishers, state champions, multiple Randonneurs, and half Ironman participants as well.

We’re guided by our mentors who have chosen running as a way of life and are ably supported by the larger Hyderabad Runners community for our training programs and other activities.

The Hyderabad Runners Society has organized the Hyderabad Marathon 9 times and this is the 10th year of the Hyderabad Marathon. This year, the Hyderabad Marathon will most likely coincide with the 100th day of this year’s HDOR on 2nd August.

The LB Nagar Runners group is very excited to be a part of the HDOR 2020 event. Looking forward to a great one.

Good luck to all the fellow participants from all across…