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Roop Betala (Mumbai) – HDOR Legends

Roop Betala is a Professional Investment banker and Private Equity Investor. Roop Betala started running in 2013 when his son challenged him to run, after his 2013 SCMM and then...... Read More

Sourav Maiti (Mumbai) – HDOR Legends

“I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days,” says Sourav, who has run previous three editions of ‘100 Days of Running’....... Read More

Dinesh Patel (Mumbai) – HDOR Legends

This is my fourth year to run ‘100 Days of Running’challenge. At the time of my first registration in the year 2017, I was not sure whether I’ll be able...... Read More

Nirav Mistry (Mumbai) – HDOR Legends

The only reason for me to participate in ‘100 Days of Running’ is Discipline. It always pushes me to go for a run.... Read More

Suresh Parmar (Mumbai) – HDOR Legends

“The best part of 100 days is 2 km, which easily put you on your track, as I am a traveller and when I come back after 10/20 days of...... Read More

Bharat Runners (Mumbai) – HDOR Groups

Bharat runners Group is a Mumbai based vibrant Marathon Group which is now famous all over India. Mr Vrajesh Parikh and Sandeep Singh founded the Group on 11th April 2019....... Read More

Mira Bhayandar Runners (Mumbai) – HDOR Groups

The phrase, “Two is a company and three is a crowd” applies perfectly to Mira Bhayandar Runners (MBR) group. It started with 3 fitness freaks 4 years back who just...... Read More