Running is meditating – With the growing stress levels in our everyday life – we need to spend some time with our self. For me running is the only time to be with myself. In other words – to be with myself is my inspiration to run. Yes, I am a solo runner and for the last 7 years, I have been a regular barring a year in between because of illness. My first participation in a running event was ADHM 2012 and ever since I have done nearly 35 Half Marathons.

With TATA MUMBAI MARATHON which was My First Marathon, I have successfully completed PROCAM SLAM – Bengaluru Mumbai Circuit 2019-20. To achieve this, I have been preparing from the last one year and I would like to also mention that my participation in HDOR 2019 (My First HDOR) was very helpful in completing the slam successfully. I ran 595 km during the 100 Days of running last year. I also participated in the Freedom Runs last year along with my son – who eventually got the First Position in 5 km Freedom run in his age category.

This year I have set more challenges for myself and HDOR Distance Challenges is just the perfect platform for me to maintain my discipline.

I wish whosoever reads this – All the Very Best for a great running year ahead.