As 100 Days of Running enters its sixth edition, it’s encouraging to know that there are more women participating in this event than most other running events.

Since my own association with the event has helped me to improve my running with each edition and achieve what I would once believe was unachievable, I never tire advocating for it.

It is also important that women learn to take care of their health first, in order to care better for all those around her who are dependent on her, and I feel that participating in the “100 Days of Running” event is the best way to achieve personal fitness goals.

On International Women’s Day, here’s to all the Strong Women – to their beautiful hearts, their compassion towards life, their strong will power and their indescribable strength.

May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

And here’s wishing a Happy Women’s Day to you all. Keep smiling always.