One of the vegan runners in India started my training for the marathons in February 2019. I am an active member of a running group called Ullathanaiya Udal (U2) and members who have been registered for HDOR 2019 encouraged me to register. That was the right decision. Thank you team U2 for the inspiration and motivation.

HDOR 2019 was very helpful for me to regularise my training session.

During the time I was trained for half-marathon and achieved my first half marathon on the 50th day as self-challenge run. I had finished strong the HDOR 2019 by 32K run on the 100th day.

Now I recently completed my full marathon and 50K hill ultra in just one year. HDOR 2019 was the base training period in my running carrier of 2019.

I have registered again for the HDOR 2020 with some training target for future endeavours and YES, I strongly recommend HDOR, particularly for the new runners who can’t do regularise their training.

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