Though I had registered for the 100 days of running challenge in 2018, I could not complete it due to various reasons. In 2019, my friend Irina Barua influenced me a lot and motivated me to participate in the event. She encouraged me by telling me that since everyone could complete the event, so could I. And truly, last year, I could complete the event by dedicatedly running all through the hundred days – whether it rained or it was hot, I ran every day. I ran when I had to go somewhere, and I also continued to run even if I had to go out-station. I would carry my running attire and my shoes everywhere so that I did not miss any day of running.

I felt very good when I could complete the challenge, and I realised that I could run continuously for 100 days. I could force myself to go out of the boundaries of my house, and I was surprised that I could continue this activity for such a long period of time which was also good for my physical fitness and also improving my confidence levels.

Running helps me to face the day with positivity, and I can carry on the day’s work with good spirit. After running, I feel good throughout the day.

This year, I have participated in nearly all the challenges which have been presented so far, according to my running capacity.

1. I completed the 3k, 5k and 10k categories of the Resolution Run in the Virtual Series and was pleasantly surprised to find myself in the top of the leader board in my age category.
3 km – 1st
5 km – 1st
10 km – 2nd

2. In the Virtual Series, I have also registered for the 3k, 5k and 10k categories of the Republic Day Run. Till date, I am happy to see that I am in the 1st Position (3k) and 3rd Positions (5k and 10k) though I know the leader board has still time to change.

3. Under the Challenge series, I have registered for 2020 km in 2020 and also the 10k Challenge.

4. I also registered for the January 2020 monthly challenge and am continuing it regularly.

In all these challenges, I would like to mention my friend Irina Barua’s name once again because it was she who introduced me to running. I could not even dream of running 500 meters, but today is a proud finisher of 100 Days of Running. I am planning to register for the 100 Days of Running event again this year, and I hope that I can continue participating in this challenge in the coming years also because this challenge helps me to maintain regularity in my activity so that I can keep myself fit.