I am Tushma Sethi, 46 years old. I got early menopause in the year 2019 and due to which I gained 10 kilograms of weight and was also diagnosed with the thyroid.
All of my friends said it’s common but for me, it was a kind of torture to consume a set of medicines every other morning. I couldn’t resist so I took a determined challenge from within and started working out daily. Took part in fitness activities and started following a proper diet.
Now, I am happy to share that now I am thyroid free and is free from medicines. I have lost 10 kilograms of extra weight.

I am once again excited to take ‘100 Days of Running Challenge’ with HDOR.

This was not possible without the support of my husband, who always had my back and always motivated me to go on daily runs and not only motivated but also took part with me and gave me new challenges every day.
Thank you to all my near-&-dear ones.
Friends, Health Is Precious: Take Care; Live Life Joyfully.