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Malu Family – Fit Family with HDOR

Krishan Gopal Malu – HDOR 2019 transformed me into a completely different me. I was so determined that instead of 6 days working, I ran every day. I sometimes woke...... Read More

Harkut Family – Fit Family with HDOR

Iโ€™m a practising cardiologist and my wife is an ophthalmologist. As a cardiologist, I know the importance of physical activity in our day to day life. I am also aware...... Read More

Raina Family – Fit Family with HDOR

Anil Raina shares his 100 Days of Running journey HDOR makes you very disciplined. I did not miss even a single day during my first year of participation in 2019....... Read More

Ahlawat Family – Fit Family with HDOR

Our Running Journey Nitin started running in 2014 and has been running ever since. Before he worked on this life-changing phenomenon called running, he was supposedly asthmatic and was even...... Read More