What motivates me most to run 100 days?

I, Sudhir Sharma, as an athlete can quote numerous reasons that can be counted as motivating factors for me but one strong reason that can cater to all of them is “Being HONEST to my passion”.

I would like to quote one instance that happened during my first HDOR in 2017 when I had started my running journey. I did 99/100 and I still regret that one day on which I competed in 70 km mountain terrain biking event in which I gained an elevation of more than half the height of Mount Everest. On way back home, got stuck in a traffic jam and reached home just half an hour after the day ended. I missed my mandatory 2 kilometres run for that day which was quite disheartening. I could have manually uploaded a 2 km run to achieve that 100/100 score but that was an easy way of doing it. However, my conscious did not permit me to cheat my own passion.

I have completed HDOR 4th and 5th edition with a score of 100/100, in both the editions. I could have achieved a hat-trick if 3rd edition run data was manipulated but the feeling of guilt would have outweighed the pride and happiness of achieving my HDOR 100/100 hat-trick. God willing, I have promised myself to achieve that by scoring 100/100 in the 6th edition and create history.

If you are true and honest to yourself, I assure you that nothing can stop you in your journey of achieving the desired goals!