You just need a moment to change your perspective towards your life and it happened in the year 2013.

I was overweight (90 kg) and craved for all the junk food. I wanted to lose weight, the ideal weight for me should have been 63 kg but did not know how to reduce…? I started the gym, swimming and slow jogging. For a couple of years, it was a combination of cardio, gym, badminton but I could lose only around 7 kg.

2015 I joined a running group and there on there has been no looking back. Ever since the running pace has improved from 7 min/km to an easy 4.2 min/km. Recently paced 5hrs bus at AFSF Night Marathon on Satara hill.

4 years have passed and I have achieved milestones: Sub 2, Sub 1:45, Sub 90. Every milestone provides me with an inspiration to further improve my timings with properly structured training.

In 2018, I participated in 100 Days of Running challenge, though I could do only 50 days but it gave me a different outlook towards fitness and running. It changed my thought process for fitness activities from 5 days a week to every day.

In January 2019, decided to give back to the society and have founded a Running club in my locality, “Handewadi Road Runners”. We are training people to run smaller distances with focus on building a strong core, stressing on slow runs, fartlek training and tempo runs.

It is worth mentioning again that 100 Days of Running challenge has added consistency towards the fitness of our entire running club.