To be physically active was never in my bucket list. Truth is I was always a lazy person. One day I came across an Instagram post of 100 Days of Running Challenge 2019. Suddenly guilt of not doing anything for my body came from nowhere and it made me sign up for the challenge. I was pretty sure that I won’t complete this and so did not even register for Tshirt and Medal. 2 km per day was a very feasible task. As days passed I actually started enjoying running.

In a few weeks, I decided to challenge myself and I registered for Tshirt and medal. Every passing day was bringing happiness to me, I use to feel energised with every run and running became a passion for me. I didn’t even realise that I successfully completed 100 Days of Running without missing a single day with maximum 6 km distance at a time.

After that, I completed HDOR’s Tour De 100 Cycling Challenge too but somehow I realised I enjoy running more than cycling. I was waiting to take more challenges and HDOR came with series of 2020 challenges. I am kind of addicted to running now. I really feel proud of self, am giving myself a healthy lifestyle.

Difficulties are only in our mind. Once you decide nothing is impossible. You just have to take that one step to change your perception towards life.