When I first read about HDOR in 2016 I jumped in without thinking. I could run only for 4 consecutive days and then gave up. Later on, I observed that a lot of my friends ran consistently and most of them did more than 90 days out of 100 days.

I was once again motivated in the year 2017 and did much better by running for 64 days… (Hmm…little better). Then came, 2018 edition I just fell short by 18 days and it gave me more motivation to run for all 100 days soon!!

When I started again in 2019, I was determined to do this time for sure. I did everything to from jog, walk, run, crawl to drag myself to run for 100 days on a stretch. It was a complete WOW feeling for me!!

You should try HDOR ……
1) If you want to stay on track in the off season,
2) if you want to accumulate that base mileages before the actual training season starts,
3) if you want to try some new fitness regime,
4) if you are not fit to run 100days in a row but still wish to participate by running 2-3 days a week with 5-4 days brisk walk per week (just like me…)
5) if you are injured or unfit for running but good at brisk walking (can maintain pace 9-9:30 min/km) HDOR will help to improve your fitness level for the coming training season.