HDOR has always been special to me. I started running in the year 2016 and luckily got introduced to HDOR at the very beginning of my running journey.

What motivates me to run HDOR is because this is a challenge where your level of commitment decides your level of success (and the definition of success differs for each participant of this challenge).

Each participant is a winner as each one of us has already made a commitment to be better, the moment we had signed up!

This will be my 4th edition of HDOR (already done – 2016,2018,2019) and I would like to thank Tanvir Sir and the team for introducing this unique concept. Throughout my running journey, HDOR has played a key role in terms of improving my running timings, focus, weight loss journey and has helped me professionally as well. 2019 was my best year in the HDOR journey where I not only reduced 8+ kgs, but the consistency also helped me complete my first full marathon this year.

All the best to all the participants of this season! Just get started, listen to your body and enjoy your Runs.