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Why stay hydrated when running?

We are only designed to withstand heat or a limited water supply for a given time. Therefore, running and dehydration frequently go hand in hand. Breathing, sweating, and urinating lead...... Read More

4 Major Mistakes Committed While Running

The common perception of running is that it’s a simple process. It seems as easy as purchasing some shoes and going for a sprint, right? You must be familiar with...... Read More

Sujan Naik (Mapusa, Goa) – Transformation Story

I was weighing near to 100 kg. Then I heard about ‘100 Days of Running’ in 2019 and immediately joined. Initially, I was a slow starter, later on, went on...... Read More

Six tips to avoid a stitch when running

Running is one of the most effective workout regimes regardless of the endless opinions lurking around the same. The concept of running is so popular and liked by larger strata of people for various reasons ranging from improved health benefits... Read More

Five reasons to join a virtual running challenge in 2022

People often find very little time to concentrate on their well-being and health. Besides, with Covid-19, restricted outdoor activity became a barrier to fitness achieved through physical activities.We are excited to present the transformation story of Ruby Siju from Vadodara.... Read More

Aayush Singh – HDOR Legends

Running for me is like meditation, it helps me disconnect from all the chaos. ‘100 Days of Running’ is a platform for me to get that consistency in my workout...... Read More

Satyanarayan Prasad Devarakonda – HDOR Legends

I started running to lose weight and stay fit. Subsequently, I realized that running is a lot more than just being in shape and looking good. Running started allowing my...... Read More

Mani S – HDOR Legends

Running helped me realise my potential! I was always skinny growing up. “Excercise”, had no idea what it meant. I just knew that I could eat junk and never gain...... Read More

Joshua Senthiappan – HDOR Legends

The ‘100 Days of Running’ event has been part of my annual calendar since 2017. What started off as a long shot has now become something that I eagerly look...... Read More

Prakash Khatri – HDOR Legends

‘100 Days of Running’ challenge helps me to remain active for 100 days by running a minimum of 2 km. I always remember the tag line for the event: Come...... Read More