100 Days of Running 2022

100 DAYS OF RUNNING 2022 (8th Edition)


Run/walk a minimum of 2 KM A DAY FOR 100 DAYS and take your fitness to the next level. Transform your life, forever!

100 Days of Running started in 2015 with a goal of bringing fitness to your doorstep. A challenge unlike any other, motivating and lifestyle changing.

With 19,000+ participants in 2021, 100 Days of Running is the biggest multi-day running challenge in the world. Join Now!




Plan what you want to achieve in the 100 days, whether it’s your target mileage, or number of days to run.


Complete your daily run for each day between Apr 30th and Aug 7th. Recovery walks or skipped days are fine too.


Being a virtual event, you are free to run where you want, when you want without being bound by any time restrictions.


Submit your run data on event website or app, compare your results with other participants. We can import your run data automatically from supported apps.


The goal of the event is to motivate all participants to achieve their best, and get maximum fitness benefits from this challenge. Missing a few days here and there due to personal work/life commitments will not disqualify you from the event.

To qualify for the finisher medal, participant must submit their run activity data (run + walk is fine too) for at least 40 days.

Key Highlights of 2022 Edition


Only one activity considered for a day (longest distance one)


A new points based leaderboard which will consider your days, distance, pace and data submission method.


Focus on participant data privacy. Auto import from supported apps will work with private activities.


A wide array of leaderboards to make this event more fun for everyone. Individual, Age Category, Couple & Family leaderboards and many more.


Running 100 days with family

Kanwarpal Singh

Spirit of 100 Days of Running


Event intro for beginners

Dr. (Maj) Dipam


Every step you take, every run you make, is going to matter. This year, as you run through 100 days, you will be bringing smiles to people who need them the most. Team HDOR will contribute a certain amount to selected charities depending on how many days you ran.

You RunWe Contribute
All 100 days₹ 50
99 to 40 days₹ 20

We raised an amount of ₹ 8.34 lakh / US$ 11120 in 2021 via our charity initiative. You want to make the biggest contribution? Make sure you run a 100 days!


Child Rights and You

Quality and inclusive learning opportunities for vulnerable children in the age of 15-18 years

Concern India Foundation

Empowering women to be self-reliant through skill development


Socio-Emotional Learning Programme towards the vision of positively impacting the lives of one million children

Let’s Live Together

Rescue orphaned puppies in critical condition through a clinic and foster homes


Online donation platform enabling individuals and organisations to raise funds conveniently

Maitrayana Charity Foundation

Maitrayana’s mission is to leverage the power of sport to create ecosystems that empower girls and women to fulfil their potential.

Habitat for Humanity

Family Essentials Kit Distribution Campaign: Supporting Marginalised Communities Build Strength, Stability, Self-reliance and Resilience


What better to drive you towards a goal, than a beautiful participant t-shirt which will motivate you to go out everyday, and get your daily target done

Available in gender specific styles (men & women), as an optional item when you register!


* Participant will get the option to choose t-shirt design while registering for the event.
* The t-shirt dispatch will start from Mar 15th, 2022.
* For participants registering on or before Apr 15th, 2022, the t-shirt will be dispatched latest by May 6th, 2022.
* Images shown are for illustration purposes only. The actual colors and design may vary a little.


We are going to have a beautiful finisher medal in the 2022 edition, don't miss yours! Podium trophy for top 3 age-category places (men & women) of all age categories.

* Images shown above are only for the purpose of illustration.


You can download the official HDOR mobile app and view your event stats for your submitted activities.

Check your rank against other participants as well and view the podium place toppers in each age category.

You will also be able to view all the reports and leaderboards using your HDOR account on your laptop or computer.

HDOR app: iOS | Android | Report 2021


Being a virtual event, participants need to submit their activity details online using any of the multiple apps we support.

You can record and submit your activity using Strava, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Garmin Connect, TomTom Sports, Fitbit or Apple Watch, in fact any other mobile app which supports sharing your activity data as a public GPS activity link.

We also support automatic data import from Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyRun and Google Fit. If you use any other mobile app or device which can export app data to any of these apps, manual data submit is not required.

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Entry Only

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate + Finisher Medal*

₹ 799 / US$ 35

Join Now

Entry + Participant t-shirt

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate + Finisher Medal* +
Personalized t-shirt (3 designs to choose from)

₹ 1199 / US$ 69

Join Now

* All prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes and processing charges.
** Registration cost in INR covers shipping cost for Indian addresses only.
+ LOYALTY DISCOUNT: All participants of 100 Days of Running 2021 get a loyalty discount of ₹ 75
++ All loyalty discounts will be automatically applied when making the payment, but only if participant uses same HDOR account while registering for this event as used to register for the 2021 edition of 100 Days of Running

# GST No. 07AADCG9813F1ZM and CIN No U72200DL2010PTC207844


Participating solo is one way to go but if you want to participate with a team you can absolutely do that too. After all, challenges become easier, fun, and more fulfilling when someone's by your side. Having someone by your side when you are pushing your limits makes the situation bearable and also helps induce some healthy competition.

Create a team of your own or be a part of multiple ones. Each member’s posted distance will advance the team up the leaderboard. Login to your dashboard and get going with the team formation of your choice. The different team options are:

Couple Team (Max. 2 participants)

Team up with your spouse and make it one memorable challenge

Family Team (Max. 4 participants)

Get the entire family to bond over this challenge & turn it into a fun activity.

Friends Team (Max. 4 participants)

Team up with your friends and running buddies. Push each other to run without any limits. This could either be a team of all men or all women or a mixed team.

You have the total freedom to choose which option you prefer. When joining or creating a team, note that each team participant is required to complete their own registration. To know more about the process, check out this video.



Brooks caters to high performance men’s and women’s running shoes, clothing and accessories. Crafted with technology for comfort and efficiency, Brook’s motto to ensure a #RunHappy echoes in HDOR’s philosophy of bringing fitness to your doorstep!


1. Discount voucher of 20% for every participant, which may be used to purchase Brooks merchandise online.

2. 100 pairs of Brooks Shoes to be awarded during 100 Days Of Running. Stay tuned with us for more details.


Refer your friends to take part in this event, get them on the road to fitness, and win special referral rewards including iPhones, GPS watches, vouchers, and more!

It's a win-win for you as well as your friends who get special ₹ 50 discount as well when registering using your referral code. Your referral code will be sent to you right after you register.

See below table to see the bonus rewards you will earn when someone you refer registers for the event using your referral code.

Apple iPhone 13
Rs. 79,900*

Apple iPhone 13 mini
Rs. 69,900*

Apple iPhone 12
Rs. 65,900*

Garmin Forerunner 945
Rs. 62,490**

Garmin Forerunner 745
Rs. 51,990**

Garmin Venu 2 Plus
Rs. 46,990**

Garmin Venue 2
Rs. 41,990***

Garmin FR 245 Music
Rs. 36,490***

Garmin FR 245
Rs. 31,490***

Garmin FR 55
Rs. 20,990***

Terms & Conditions:

  • A minimum of 100 referrals is needed to be eligible for top 3 prizes
  • A minimum of 75 referrals is needed to be eligible for prize 4, 5 and 6
  • A minimum of 50 referrals is needed to be eligible for prize 7 to 10
  • A minimum of 25 referrals is needed to be eligible for prize 11 to 15
  • A minimum of 10 referrals is needed to be eligible for prize 16 to 20
  • In case of availability issues with any items listed above, a different product of same or higher MRP may be provided.
  • In case of a tie between two or more participants, an online lucky draw will be done to decide which participant gets which reward.
  • If the amount of the award or the prize is more than INR 10,000 TDS will be deducted from the winnings before paying it to the winner according to the provisions of Income Tax Act, India.

See live referral leaderboard here to see top referring participants!


More the merrier! 100 Days of Running is always more fun when you do it with your friends, family, or co-workers. Register as a group and get special discounted pricing as below.


Number of RegistrationsDiscount AmountDiscounted pricing for ₹799 ticketEntry + MedalDiscounted pricing for ₹1199 ticket
20 - 49₹100₹699₹1099
50 - 99₹125₹674₹1074
100 or more₹150₹649₹1049
Register NOW

* Group discounts for group members cannot be clubbed with any individual level loyalty discounts
# Discounted pricing applies to group registrations also, and limited to Mar 13th, 2022. Regular prices would apply to start March 14th, 2022.
** Group coordinators need to do one time payment for entire group.


To register as a group, the group leader or representative has to do the full payment for the entire group. The group leader will then receive an email within 30 mins with a list of registration codes for each member (same will be available for immediate download after payment).

The group leader will then be required to share the registration codes with respective group members who can then login to their HDOR account (or create one for free if it does not exist), and apply the registration code to complete their registration.


Registration start (Early Bird)Feb 1st 2023
Registration start (Regular)Mar 13th 2023
Participant T-shirt dispatch complete*May 6th 2023
Event durationApr 29th - Aug 6th 2023
Last date to submit dataAug 9th 2023
Provisional resultsAug 16th 2023
Final results publishedAug 18th 2023
Medal dispatch completionSep 15th 2023
* for participants registered by Apr 15th


Have any questions in mind about this event? Check out our Rules and FAQ below.

General FAQ

What is 100 Days of Running?

100 Days of Running is a virtual running challenge in which you are required to run (or run/walk) daily for 100 days. The 2022 edition starts April 30th and ends August 7th, 2022.

You need to cover a minimum distance of 2 km everyday as part of this challenge. The distance has to be covered as part of one activity.

Completing at least 40 days out of 100 will make you an event finisher.

You may use a mobile app like Strava etc or a GPS watch to record your daily run data.

You can even participate if you do not want to use any app or watch, by just reporting your daily distance and time on event website or app (although we have daily distance submission limit of maximum 5 km in such cases without proof).

For more details about this event, check the other FAQ items.

I have made payment and don't know what to do next

Please visit our new users section on the website which guides participants in a step by step manner on account creation, event confirmation, connecting apps to your HDOR account, data submission, and other useful information.

When do registrations end?

Registrations for 2022 edition will close on May 1st.

What is the age eligibility for the event?

Participants must be at least 7 years of age as of event start date, i.e. April 30th, 2022. Parents undertaking is necessary for children under 14 years.

There is no upper age limit for taking part in the event.

How do I login to my account?

Participants who do not have any pre-existing HDOR accounts need to create one first. Past HDOR participants can re-use their pre-existing accounts to login. In case you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot Password feature on the login page to generate a new one.

How do I qualify for the finishers medal?

Only participants who have submitted valid run data for at least 40 days out of 100 will be eligible for the finisher medal.

On what basis are event finishers ranked?

Finishers are ranked on the basis of number of days valid data is submitted for. If multiple participants have same days, ranking will be decided next based on the points earned (points being awarded on the basis of distance covered and activity pace). Distance submitted using manual submission (with or without link) and automatic imports are considered, but pace points will only be awarded for automatically imported activities from supported apps.

If your data is auto imported from any of the supported apps, you will get 10 bonus points for every activity

How will the activity points be awarded?

The 2022 leaderboard will be based on days run followed by activity points, which will be awarded for each activity as below.

Activity points = Distance points + Pace points + Bonus points

Distance Points = 4 Per Km

* No Pace Points at >= 15 Min/km (Min pace)
* Pace points at 50% of Distance Points at <= 5 Min/km (Max pace)
* Pace Points if pace is between 5 Min/km & 15 Min/km =
Distance points * 0.5 * (Max Pace – Activity Pace) / (Max Pace – Min Pace)

Pace Points will be awarded only on imported activities with connected apps, and not for any manually submitted activities.

10 bonus points will be awarded per day if activity data is auto imported from any of the supporting apps

What are the event age categories?

Following are the age categories for the event:

  • 7 years to 12 years
  • 13 years to 18 years
  • 19 years to 24 years
  • 25 years to 29 years
  • 30 years to 34 years
  • 35 years to 39 years
  • 40 years to 44 years
  • 45 years to 49 years
  • 50 years to 54 years
  • 55 years to 59 years
  • 60 years to 64 years
  • 65 years to 69 years
  • 70 years and above

Participant age as on event start date, i.e. April 30th, 2022, will be considered for above categories.

Top 5 men and women as per published rank will receive a podium trophy (days & then points earned basis).

Criteria for trophy award?

Event Category Trophy To Total Trophies
Age category winners Top 3 men and women 78
Couple team winners Top 5 teams 5 (One trophy per team)
Family team winners Top 5 teams 5 (One trophy per team)
Friends team winners (Men only) Top 5 teams 5 (One trophy per team)
Friends team winners (Women only) Top 5 teams 5 (One trophy per team)
Friends team winners (Mixed gender) Top 5 teams 5 (One trophy per team)
Running groups Top 10 groups 10 (One trophy per group)
Corporate teams Top 10 corporates 10 (One trophy per corporate)

Criteria for trophies

  • For all individuals (age-category and overall), the winners will be decided on the basis of days run followed by points earned.
  • For couple/family/friends teams, the winners will be decided on the basis of days run followed by points per member. Days run will not be a sum of days run by each member, but simply a count of how many days out of the 100 any member of the team ran. So if any member of the team ran on each day of the event, the total will be 100.
  • For running groups and corporate teams, the winners will be decided on the basis of total points earned by the respective team.

When will I receive the finishers medal?

Please refer to the timelines section on this page for same.

Who will receive participant certificate?

All participants who have submitted a minimum of 1 day data for the event will receive the participation certificate.

Who will receive finisher certificate?

Finisher certificate will be available for download for participants who submitted at least 40 days valid activity data. It will showcase your rank under various categories like gender, age, city, group, organization, country.

Can I request registration cancellation and refund?

Please refer to our refund and cancellation policy here.

Data Submission FAQ

Do I need to use a mobile app or GPS watch to participate?

Using a mobile running app or GPS watch is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended.

You may also submit your daily run data distance and time just by entering that information on the HDOR website or mobile app. A maximum distance of 5 km in a day will be accepted without proof.

Which mobile apps can I use to submit proof of my activity?

Please see the list of supported apps here.

Is there an HDOR mobile app for my mobile phone?

Yes, we have Android and iOS (iPhone users) mobile apps for HDOR. You can download it as below:

iOS | Android

You can use the HDOR app to (1) Submit activity data (2) Check event leaderboards and reports (3) See your run logs

How do I record and submit my run data?

Please refer to the HDOR data submission guidelines page for details.

Can I run indoor or on a treadmill?

Treadmill runs: Treadmill or indoor runs recorded using GPS watches using indoor or treadmill mode, and for which you have a public activity link which shows distance, time, pace, and splits will be acceptable for submission.

However, if you do treadmill running without such data proof, you can still manually submit your daily run data, subject to a maximum distance of 5 Km for a day.

Can I submit data for past dates?

Older date data submissions are allowed for up to 10 days in the past, including the date of run. Example, Apr 30th run data may be submitted latest by May 9th. Data submission beyond these prescribed time limits will not be accepted. It is participant’s responsibility to ensure timely submissions.

The last date for submitting all entries after the event is over is Aug 9th. No submissions will be accepted beyond that.

Similarly, in case of any automatic data import issues, the participant is required to bring it to the attention of the support team within the required submission timeframe as above.

How do I connect my account to Strava for automatic import?

On your mobile or computer browser head to our website and access the Menu >> Settings >> Connected Apps section to connect your HDOR account to Strava

On your mobile app, visit the Menu >> Connected Apps section to connect your HDOR account to Strava

For step by step process to connect your HDOR account to your Strava account so that all your run/walks are automatically imported, check out the help video on our help and support page.

When will my Strava activity data be imported?

Your run will be available on our website within an hour of your run data submission or post availability in your Strava account if you have connected your HDOR account to Strava.

If your run data is not available in your account within one hour, please submit the activity link and run data manually via app or website, and contact our support team at support@hdor.com.

Can I walk instead of run?

We allow participants to mix running and walking. In fact, we recommend participants to take a couple of rest days as their recovery days by walking the minimum distance (2 km) required as part of event rules.

Can I run/walk multiple times a day?

Only the longest distance activity will be considered if you submit more than one entry for the day, i.e. you do more than one run or walk activity.

What is the minimum distance I can submit?

For any data submission, the minimum distance eligible to be submitted is 2 km. No distance less than 2 km will be accepted, or considered valid for the event.

What is the maximum distance I can submit?

With proper proof of activity in the form of a valid activity link from mobile app or GPS watch, there is no upper distance limit for submission.

However, if submission is without acceptable proof, then a maximum distance of 5 km can be submitted.

Can my run be disqualified?

Event organizers can reject any entry which has suspect GPS data (straight line outside normal run route, unrealistic high pace like sub 3 min/km pace at any time during run, etc)

Submission of any ride or data using a vehicle will be invalid.

Event organizers have the right to take any decisions for disqualifying a participant if the participant is considered to have taken any external help in running the distance (like using a cycle or any other vehicle) or cheated in any way.

Can I submit a tagged activity?

Submission of tagged activities is not allowed. Only the participant who recorded the activity can submit the same. If any tagged activity is found, the same will be deleted from the system and will not be considered for the event.