Data Submission Guidelines

HDOR Data Submission Guidelines

Following are the key data submission guidelines for all HDOR users.

1. New users guidelines

All users new to HDOR platform should refer to our new users page which has important on-boarding information and platform guidelines.

2. Data submission on HDOR

You can submit your run, walk or ride data directly on our website or HDOR app after logging in to your account with your credentials. You will need to submit your run or ride distance, time as well as an activity link if the run or walk distance exceeds 5 Km, or in case of ride, if it exceeds 5 Km.

3. What is an activity link?

Activity link is a URL or website link which has details of your recorded activity, including date, time, distance, splits, pace, etc (see this for details). You can find and share or copy activity links from your running app or from the website for the app or GPS watch. You should ensure that all your activity links are public so that other event participants and admin can view your activity data.

4. Submission of manual entries without proof

Activities without any data proof, i.e. not recorded using any supported mobile app or GPS device may only be submitted subject to a maximum distance of 5 km in a day for a run or walk and 5 km for a ride. This can be done using our website or mobile app after logging in.

For some HDOR events, no manual entry will be considered. Please check respective event information page for same.

5. Install a supported mobile app for activity tracking

To record your daily run/walk/ride activity, you are required to download and install any of the supported apps or use a supported GPS device. Please refer to the list of supported apps here. Not all activity tracking apps provide a public activity link and hence may not be used.

6. Automatic data import from supported apps

Multiple activities in a day may be allowed, subject to individual event rules. Each such activity has to be submitted separately in such a case.

Each submitted activity must be a single recorded activity. Multiple activities are not allowed to be combined into one activity using online tools for submission as single activity. Such activities will be rejected, and participants penalized.

7. Multiple runs or rides in a day

We support automatic import of your activity data if you have connected your HDOR account with your Strava or Garmin Connect account from the Connected Apps section on website or mobile app. If you do not use Strava or Garmin Connect or MapMyRide or GoogleFit or FitBit app, many apps, GPS watches and websites allow exporting recorded activity to Strava, something you can explore and consider if you do not want to manually submit each activity data.

8. Submitting race results from other on-ground events

You can also submit link to your finish time from any on-ground (not virtual) public organized races (like Mumbai Marathon, etc) which use timing chip and have your event results available online on a unique page with a unique URL or link. You can submit this using the manual entry data submission process.

9. Submitting multiple activities for fixed distance events not allowed

For fixed distance run or ride events (like 5 Km run, or 20 Km ride for example), the activity must be done in one go and recorded and submitted as a single activity. Example recording 7 km and 3 km as two different runs in the day will not count towards a 10 km run (unless allowed in event specific rules).

10. Submitting indoor run or ride activities

Indoor or treadmill run/ride activity is supported with HDOR! Now you can run/ride indoors whenever the outdoor conditions are not suitable, like rain, local Covid-19 related restrictions, or perhaps you just like your treadmill or trainer in the gym or home.

  1. Using supported watch – many GPS/smartwatch like Garmin, Suunto, etc support indoor distance tracking. Key requirement is that once activity is recorded on your watch, it must sync that data to one of the supported apps listed in previous section. So, run using watch – data syncs to supported app – data syncs next to HDOR.
  2. Using Android phone – use the Google Fit app on your android phone to record your indoor runs. Make sure you have setup Google Fit to HDOR sync.
  3. Using Apple iPhone – install the MapMyRun app on your iOS device and record your indoor runs using that. Make sure you have setup MapMyRun to HDOR sync.Note: Indoor activity will only be synced to HDOR if splits are available for the activity in the app on which your indoor activity was recorded.