Ride 2024 Km / 2024 Miles in 2024

Ride 2024 Km / 2024 Miles in 2024

Setting up a fitness goal is your first step towards achieving it.

Inviting all cyclists to ride 2024 Km / 2024 Miles in the year 2024. Build up your fitness levels over the year with your consistency as you target your goal.

You need to ride about 5.53 km / miles everyday (or say 11 km / miles every alternate day) to achieve 2024 km in the year, a very motivating target indeed.

How can I take part in the challenge?

Pick the distance

Make a note of how many km you need to average on a daily or weekly basis to achieve finisher status.

Bike all year round

Ride your bike for your chosen distance between January 1st and December 31st. The number of such rides should be sufficient to achieve the finishing criteria.

Ride as per your convenience

Since this is a virtual event, you can ride whenever and wherever you want.

Let us analyze your ride data

You can share your bike stats to the event website or app, then compare your results to those of other participants!

Event Highlights

Benefits of taking up the challenge

  • Apps like Strava will automatically import your activity data.
  • A digital finisher certificate is given in order to recognise your accomplishment.
  • You will have the ability to choose your activity’s location and time
  • A leaderboard is available which displays your rank in your group, city, organisation, and country.
  • You get to access the event information and reports through the mobile app.
  • Receive an amazing finisher medal

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Get an appealing finisher medal

Participants will receive a gorgeous finisher medal. Make it yours right now!

Amazing participant jersey

In order to motivate you to go out every day and complete your daily objective, getting a participant jersey is the best. There is a wonderful design for four different distance categories. Choose one!

*Our T-shirts are designed with a unisex fit, ensuring a versatile and inclusive style suitable for all individuals.
*The image is for illustration purpose only. The actual colors may vary.
**Available in various sizes, as an optional item when you register.


Leaderboard & Reports

As soon as you enroll for the event, you’ll have the option to download the official HDOR application (iOS | Android) and view the event information for your submitted activities.

You will be able to check your ranking in relation to other participants, as well as the podium finishers in each ride category.

Further, get access to all reports and leaderboards on your laptop or computer using your HDOR login account.

Participate through existing apps on your phone

Since this event is virtual, participants have to report their activity information online using any of the apps we support.

The participants will have to record and publish their data on apps like Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Runkeeper, Garmin Connect, TomTom Sports, Fitbit, or Apple Watch, or any other mobile app that allows your activity data as a public GPS activity link.

Our software supports automatic data import from Strava and Garmin Connect. Manual data submission is not necessary. All you have to do is use another mobile app or device that can export app data to your Strava account.

What classifies you as a finisher?

You must ride the 2024 km/mile target event distance to be considered as a finisher, that too within the calendar year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st.

Register for Ride 2024 Km / 2024 Miles in 2024 Challenge

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Entry Only

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate

₹ 399 / US$ 7

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Entry + Finisher Medal*

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate + Finisher Medal*

₹ 899 / US$ 35

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Entry + Cycling Jersey

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate + Premium Quality Cycling Jersey

₹ 1399 / US$ 39

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Entry + Cycling Jersey + Finisher Medal*

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate + Premium Quality Cycling Jersey + Finisher Medal*

₹ 1799 / US$ 59

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Rules & FAQs

Have any questions in mind about this event? Check out our Rules and FAQ below.

When do registrations end?

There is no deadline to register for the annual HDOR Run and Ride Challenge event. You can register and start a challenge anytime (all challenges begin on January 1st). All challenges are limited to one calendar year. The sooner you register for the challenge, the more likely you are to complete it before the end of the year.

Can I register for multiple distance challenges?

Yes, participants can register for multiple annual challenges. You may also sign up for annual running or driving challenges that can be completed within a calendar year. For instance, the Annual 10K Run Challenge or other goal challenges, such as Run The Himalayas, can be completed according to individual challenge schedules. The same applies to driving challenges.

All annual run or ride challenges run in parallel. When you run or ride, it counts toward your registered annual run or ride challenge.

By when do I need to complete the distance challenge?

All challenges must be completed within the same calendar year (starting Jan 1st and ending Dec 31st).

How do I record and submit my ride data?

You can refer to the HDOR data submission guidelines for more info.

When will my Strava sun data be imported?

Once you have linked your HDOR account to a Strava or Garmin Connect account, your activity will be available on our website within one hour of submitting your activity data or posting availability to your Strava or Garmin Connect account. If your activity data doesn’t appear in your account within an hour, manually submit your activity link and data through the app or website.

Can my ride be disqualified?

Organizers may reject questionable GPS data entries (straight lines deviating from the regular running or driving route, unrealistically high page, etc.).The event organizer reserves the right if a competitor seeks outside assistance to complete the distance or in any way. We reserve the right to disqualify a competitor if they are deemed cheated.

How do I qualify for the finishers medal?

Competitors who achieve the total target distance, or the number of runs or rides of the specified distance, according to the event’s finisher criteria within the set challenge timeline, will receive a finisher’s medal.

When will I receive the finishers medal?

Finisher medal will be dispatched as per below timelines.
If participant achieve target distance by 30th June 2024, then medal will dispatched by 30th Sept 2024.
If participant achieve target distance by 30th Sept 2024, then medal will dispatched by 31st Dec 2024.
If participant achieve target distance by 31st Dec 2024, then medal will dispatched by 31st Mar 2025.

Can I find an HDOR app for download?

Feel free to download our HDOR app from both [ Android ] and [ IOS ] platforms. We’ve provided the links for you to easily access and install the app.