HDOR Annual Ride Challenges 2024


10 KM – 20 KM – 50 KM – 100 KM

Bringing 4 different annual ride (cycling) challenges in 2024. Take your pick!

Whether you take on the 10 Km, 20 Km, 50 Km or 100 Km challenge, you will be required to ride the chosen distance certain minimum number of times during the calendar year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st) to complete this challenge.

You will be classified as a GOLD, SILVER, or BRONZE finisher based on the number of rides for the distance completed successfully in the year.

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How Do I Participate?

Choose your distance

You can register for one of our distance challenges: 10 Km, 20 Km, 50 Km or 100 Km.

Ride during the year

Ride your selected distance anytime between Jan 1st to Dec 31st. Number of such rides should meet the finisher criteria.

Ride anywhere, anytime

Being a virtual event, you are free to ride where you want, when you want without being bound by any time restrictions.

Submit your ride data

Submit your ride data on event website or app, compare your results with other participants. We can import your ride data automatically!

Finisher Criteria

To be classified as a finisher, you are required to ride the challenge distance a minimum number of times as below.


10 KM: 48 or more finishes
20 KM: 36 or more finishes
50 KM: 18 or more finishes
100 KM: 9 or more finishes


10 KM: 36 to 47 finishes
20 KM: 24 to 35 finishes
50 KM: 12 to 17 finishes
100 KM: 6 to 8 finishes


10 KM: 24 to 35 finishes
20 KM: 12 to 23 finishes
50 KM: 6 to 11 finishes
100 KM: 3 to 5 finishes

Event Highlights

Register for HDOR Annual Challenges and get the following benefits.

  • Automatic activity data import using Strava and other apps
  • Freedom to choose your activity place and time
  • Leaderboard which shows your rank in your group, city, organization, country
  • Mobile app access for event info and reports
  • Digital finisher certificate showcasing your achievement
  • Beautiful finisher medal

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Colored Finisher Medal

We are going to have a beautiful colored finisher medal for participants. Make it yours, now!

* medal design is indicative, final design may vary from images above

Amazing Participant Jersey

What better to drive you towards a goal, than a beautiful participant Jersey which will motivate you to go out everyday, and get your daily target done.

Amazing design for 4 distance categories. Choose yours!!

*Our T-shirts are designed with a unisex fit, ensuring a versatile and inclusive style suitable for all individuals.
*The image is for illustration purpose only. The actual colors may vary.

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Leaderboard & Reports

Once you have registered for the event, you will be able to download the official HDOR app (iOS | Android) and view your event stats for your submitted activities.

Check your rank against other participants as well as check out the podium place finishers in each run category.

You will also be able to view all the reports and leaderboards using your HDOR login account on your laptop or computer.

Use Your Favorite Apps

Being a virtual event, participants need to submit their activity details online using any of the multiple apps we support.

You can record and submit your activity using Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Runkeeper, Garmin Connect, TomTom Sports, Fitbit or Apple Watch, in fact any other mobile app which supports sharing your activity data as a public GPS activity link.

We also support automatic data import from Strava and Garmin Connect. If you use any other mobile app or device which can export app data to your Strava account, manual data submit is not required.

Register For Annual Ride Challenge

Scale new heights in 2024 with the HDOR Annual Ride Challenges. Sign Up now!


10/20/50/100 Km Challenge - Entry Only

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate

₹ 399 / US$ 7

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10/20/50/100 Km Challenge - Entry + Finisher Medal*

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate + Finisher Medal*

₹ 899 / US$ 35

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10/20/50/100 Km Challenge - Entry + Cycling Jersey

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate + High Quality Dri-fit Jersey

₹ 1399 / US$ 39

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10/20/50/100 Km Challenge - Entry + Cycling Jersey + Finisher Medal*

Entry + Finisher e-Certificate + Finisher Medal* + High Quality Dri-fit Jersey

₹ 1799 / US$ 59

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More the merrier!!
Register for 2 or more events and get DISCOUNT up to 20%

* All prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes and processing charges. Finisher medal will be given on meeting the finisher criteria.
** Price in INR covers the cost of delivery to Indian address only

# GST No. 07AAGCH2233P1ZD and CIN No U92490DL2022PTC395471

Rules & FAQs

Have any questions in mind about this event? Check out our Rules and FAQ below.

When do registrations end?

Event registration for HDOR annual run and ride challenges do not have any cutoff date.

You can register anytime and start your challenge (all challenges will commence Jan 1st onwards). All challenges are limited to a calendar year. Earlier you register for the challenge, better will be your chances to complete it before the end of the year.

Can I register for multiple annual challenges?

Yes, participants may register for multiple annual challenges.

For example you may register for the 10 KM and Half Marathon annual run challenges or 50 KM and 100 KM annual ride challenges together and try to complete both in the same year.

You may also register for some annual run or ride challenges which may be completed within the calendar year, like the 10 KM annual run challenge, as well as other destination challenges like Run The Himalayas which may be completed as per the individual challenge timelines. Similar for ride challenges.

All annual run or ride challenges are active in parallel. Which means if you do a run or a ride, it will be counted towards all registered annual run or ride challenges.

How do I record and submit my activity data?

Please refer to the HDOR data submission guidelines page for details.

By when do I need to complete the distance challenge?

All challenges must be completed within the same calendar year (starting Jan 1st and ending Dec 31st).

Can I find an HDOR app for download?

Feel free to download our HDOR app from both [ Android ] and [ IOS ] platforms. We’ve provided the links for you to easily access and install the app.

When will my Strava or Garmin activity data be imported?

Your activity will be available on our website within an hour of your activity data submission or post availability in your Strava or Garmin Connect account if you have connected your HDOR account to same.

If your activity data is not available in your account within one hour, please submit the activity link and data manually via app or website.

Can my activity be disqualified?

Event organizers can reject any entry which has suspect GPS data (straight line outside normal run or ride route, unrealistic high pace like sub 3 min/km pace at any time during run, etc)

Event organizers have the right to take any decisions for disqualifying a participant if the participant is considered to have taken any external help in covering the distance (like using a cycle or any other vehicle for runs, or a powered vehicle for rides) or cheated in any way.

How do I qualify for the finishers medal?

Only participants who achieve the overall target distance or number of runs or rides of specific distance as per the event finisher criteria, within the defined challenge timeline will be awarded the finishers medal.

When will I receive the finishers medal?

Finisher medal will be dispatched as per below timelines.
If participant achieve Gold Finisher level by 30th June 2024, then medal will dispatched by 30th Sept 2024.
If participant achieve Gold Finisher level by 30th Sept 2024, then medal will dispatched by 31st Dec 2024.
If participant achieve any Finisher level by 31st Dec 2024, then medal will dispatched by 31st Mar 2025.