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Jayanagar Jaguars (JJs) are India’s largest training academy for structured training program for runners, and the official training partner for 100 Days of Running 2020

Importance of Training

It is important that you run a 100 days in a disciplined way to do your best and avoid injuries. Following proper structured training plan from our training partner, Jayanagar Jaguars, will help you do that.

Training Is Vital

Make sure you perform your best and avoid injuries by following structured training plans

Free 100 Day Plans

Follow free training plans for 100 Days of Running from JJs, basic intermediate or advanced

Advanced HDOR Training

Enroll with JJs to receive custom training plans and guidance to achieve your goals

Special Offer

JJs have a special discounted offer for participants of HDOR 2020 for their training plans

Why Is Structured Training Required?

Congratulations on your decision for committing 100 days from your busy life to running. If you are looking to achieve a specific goal during these 100 days, then it will better if you train for it in a planned manner, what we refer to as structured training.

Running is an enjoyable pursuit for fitness, and all of us are born with the ability to run. However, many years of inactivity and our sedentary lifestyle results in a drastic decline in our musculoskeletal capacity. So when we aspire to start running for fitness, we must rebuild our musculoskeletal & cardiorespiratory capability gradually , and in a controlled manner. Otherwise, this pursuit may lead to injuries and unwanted outcomes.

A structured training helps us in minimising chances of such injuries. It also increases the possibilities of predictable results. You will increase your chances of achieving your goals through structured training.

For experienced runners, structured training gives them a defined road map to achieve their targets and also a tool to analyse their efforts.

Register Now To Train With JJs

Enroll for customised training programs from Jayanagar Jaguars (JJs) and receive following benefits

Train With JJs During 100 Days Of Running

Rs 2400 / -
  • Guidance to achieve your target for 10K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon

  • Distinct training plans based on your ability and targets

  • Daily workouts, which you can do at any place suitable for you

  • Info on exercises vital for your running progress

  • Advice on nutrition, injury prevention

  • Expert sessions about smart ways of training, race strategy

  • Pandemic safety measures:

  • Guidance videos for pre/post-run exercises at home

  • Safety protocols for running and exercise

Register for a training program based on your target of 10KM (HDTK), HM (HDHM) or FM (HDFM)
HDOR registered runners join at a special price of ₹ 2400/- for entire 100 days training (discount of ₹600/-)
Provide required info correctly so that you are allocated to appropriate group
Please check with your doctor for suitability of your current physical condition to undertake rigours of physical activity

Your Free 100 Days Training Plans

Following plans are specially created by our training partner, Jayanagar Jaguars, keeping your current fitness level in mind. Choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced plan depending on where you stand. This is the first 30 days free plan. The full 100 days free plan will be shared with participants once the event starts on June 27th.

Jayanagar Jaguars

About JJs

JJs (Jayanagar Jaguars), is dedicated to promoting fitness & healthy lifestyle through running. We provide structured training for endurance running. Currently, JJs is India’s largest training academy for a structured training program for runners. We have more than 26 training location across India, in cities like Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Virajpet and Hosur.

In the last six years, we have trained over 6000 runners, this includes runners of various capabilities from absolute novice to Podium finishers, Boston qualifiers, Ultra and extreme ultra-marathoners.

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About Coach Pramod

Chief Coach and Mentor for JJs, well known to train the ‘Working Athletes’ to complete their HM, FM and Ultra, along with many podium finishers. He has created these training programs for you.
He is also an author of Bestseller books Master Your Run and (ನೀವೂ ಓಡಬಹುದು…) Neevuu Odabahudu…. He regularly promotes, fitness and running through articles and motivational sessions. His in-demand corporate training sessions include ‘Let’s Talk Run’, ‘Fitness as Lifestyle’.

Link for the book: Master Your Run on Amazon or Flipkart