Dr. Ranjani Ramanujam

Dr. Ranjani Ramanujam

June 6, 2021

“Run often, run long but never outrun the joy of running!” Running is pure bliss to Dr. Ranjani Ramanujam, just like chocolate is. Ranjani, a medical professional found her beckoning in running a few years back.

Based out of Bengaluru, she did her first 10K way back in 2008 in Procam’s Sunfeast World 10K, but being a working professional and a mom of two kept her away from regular running for about 9 years after that. However, the beckoning was too strong, and she got back to running in mid-2016, when she was part of one of the relay teams running from Bangalore to Mysore. This was a turning point, and she never looked back. She has done several HMs and 2 FMs of which the first one was barefoot. She did her first 50K in December 2020, thus qualifying to be an ultramarathoner. She has also been into cycling for a few months, and has done up to 50K.

She has been an OFFICIAL PACER in several events conducted by Procam and Life Is Calling, and has been part of the first ever all-women pacer squad in the TCS World 10K 2018 run.

She regularly trains along with Team RUNPHORICS, which is a group of like-minded runners ranging from novices to ultramarathoners and triathletes, in the serene campus of Bangalore University amidst the lush greenery. Her goal is to inspire more and more women to take fitness seriously, and also handhold the newbies so that their interest in running and fitness is sustained and becomes a way of life.

https://www.instagram.com/doc_runjani/ – doc_runjani