HDOR Freedom Race 2022 (Run & Ride)


August 15th is the day when India became a free nation, and we are back with the 4th edition of the HDOR Freedom Race (Run & Ride), a race which has the honour of being India's first virtual race, to celebrate this special occasion.

Take part in this very unique concept event where participants will race against each other on a virtual platform. Select the distance you want to race at this event. Pick a place or route. And finally, decide your start time. This event is your true freedom race!

You can choose the day you want to do the race attempt, starting from Saturday, Aug 6th to Monday, Aug 15th. You can also attempt the selected distance more than once to try to improve on your performance if you are not satisfied with your earlier attempts.



Runs: 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K, 42K, or 75K*
Rides: 10K, 25K, 50K, 75K, 100K, or 750K*


You can run/ride your selected distance anytime between Aug 6th to Aug 15th. You can even do it multiple times to improve your timings.


Being a virtual event, you are free to run/ride where you want, when you want without being bound by any time restrictions.


Submit your race data on event website or app, compare your results with other participants. We can also import your race data automatically!

* In case of 75 km run or 750 km ride challenge, you would be required to cover the total distance during the event timelines of Aug 6th to 15th, multiple activities can be combined to achieve the target distance in this case. Only runs longer than 5 km & rides longer than 10 km will be counted for these two event categories.


For each of the 12 events on offer, top-3 podium winners (men & women) of each age category will receive a podium trophy. That adds up to an amazing 384 podium trophies! Are you up for it?


We will have a beautiful participant t-shirt (optional) for this event as well. Make it yours, now!

* the t-shirt design is not final, and may undergo some minor changes


Register for and finish 5 or more events (any combination of runs or rides) and be a SUPER SLAMMER. Earn a special trophy highlighting your super achievement.

* the trophy design is indicative, and may undergo some changes


You can download the official HDOR mobile app and view your event stats for your submitted activities.

Check your rank against other participants as well and view the podium place toppers in each event category.

You will also be able to view all the reports and leaderboards using your HDOR account on your laptop or computer.

HDOR app: iOS | Android


Being a virtual event, participants need to submit their activity details online using any of the multiple apps we support.

You can record and submit your activity using Strava, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Garmin Connect, TomTom Sports, Fitbit or Apple Watch, in fact any other mobile app which supports sharing your activity data as a public GPS activity link.

We also support automatic activity data import from Strava, Garmin Connect & MapMyRun. If you use any other mobile app or device which can export app data to your Strava account, manual data submit is not required.


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Celebrate India's Independence Day with HDOR Freedom Race 2022. Sign Up now.

Register and finish 5 or more events (any combination of runs or rides) and receive a special SUPER SLAMMER trophy.

Register for multiple run/ride events and get DISCOUNTS - 2 tickets ₹ 20/- off on each, 3 tickets ₹ 30/- off on each, 4 tickets ₹ 40/- off on each, 5 or more tickets ₹ 50/- off on each.

Entry Only

₹ 149 / US$ 9
  • Entry into the event

  • Website and 📱 mobile app tracking

  • Access to 📊 leaderboard and reports

  • Automatic 🔢 data import from supported apps

  • Finisher 🏁 certificate

  • .

Entry + T-Shirt

₹ 499 / US$ 35
  • Entry into the event

  • Website and 📱 mobile app tracking

  • Access to 📊 leaderboard and reports

  • Automatic 🔢 data import from supported apps

  • Finisher 🏁 certificate

  • Participant 👕 t-shirt

* All prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes and processing charges.
* Prices increase to ₹ 149 / US$ 9 for entry-only tickets starting July 18th, 2022
# GST No. 07AAGCH2233P1ZD and CIN No U92490DL2022PTC395471


Participant t-shirt dispatch complete (for those registering by Jul 25th)Aug 5th
Event windowAug 6th – Aug 15th
Registrations closeAug 14th, 5 pm
Last activity data submissionAug 16th
Final results publishedAug 20th
Finisher certificate available for downloadAug 24th
Podium trophy dispatchSep 7th


Have any questions in mind about this event? Check out our Rules and FAQ below.

When do registrations end?

Event registrations end on Aug 14th, 2022 at 5:00 pm IST.

Can I register for multiple distances?

Yes, participants may register for a single distance event or multiple events. For example a participant may register for 5 km and half marathon races. A participant can also register for a run and a ride event.

When can I run or ride for the event?

The event starts on Aug 6th and ends on Aug 15th, 2022. Participants must complete the races for their registered distance between these dates.

How do I record and submit my activity data?

Data submission: You can submit your activity data directly on our website or HDOR app after logging in to your account with your credentials. You will need to submit your activity distance, time as well as an activity link.

Activity Link: Activity link is a URL or website link which has details of your recorded run activity, including date, time, distance, splits, pace, etc (see this for details). You can find and share or copy activity links from your run or ride mobile app or from the website for the app or GPS watch. You should ensure that all your activity links are public so that other event participants and event admin can view your activity data.

Mobile apps to use: For any data submission participants must run using a supported GPS running app (refer to supported apps article for details), or a GPS watch. Not all apps provide a public activity link and hence may not be used if that is the case.

Automatic activity data import: We support automatic import of your activity data from multiple apps. If you are using any of the apps supporting automatic import, please make sure to enable the automatic data import for the app of your choice using the Connected Apps section either on HDOR website or mobile app.

Multiple activities in day: Are allowed, and each have to be submitted separately.

Combining GPS activities using tools: All submitted runs must be a single recorded GPS activity. Multiple activities are not allowed to be combined into one activity using online tools and then submitted.

Public race data submission: You can also submit link to your finish timing from any public organized races (like Mumbai Marathon, etc) which use timing chip and have your event results online on a unique page with a unique URL or link. You can submit this using the manual entry data submission process.

Two activities for one event: For a run to be considered towards 5 km, 10 km, half marathon and marathon etc events, it should be done in one go and recorded as a single activity. Example recording 7 km and 3 km as two different runs in the day will not count towards a 10 km run as part of the 10 km race.

Treadmill runs: Treadmill or indoor runs will not be acceptable for the event.

What distance do I need to run/ride?

Registered for 3k run: 3+ km to less than 5 km

Registered for 5k run: 5+ km to less than 10 km

Registered for 10k run: 10+ km to less than 21 km

Registered for Half Marathon : 21+ km to less than 42 km

Registered for Marathon: 42+ km

Registered for 75km run challenge: All runs of distance 5km or more done between Aug 6th to 15th would be counted

Registered for 10km ride: 10 km to less than 25 km

Registered for 25km ride: 25 km to less than 50 km

Registered for 50km ride: 50 km to less than 75 km

Registered for 75km ride: 75 km to less than 100 km

Registered for 100km ride: 100 km or more

Registered for 750km ride challenge: All rides of distance 10km or more done between Aug 6th to 15th would be counted

Are indoor run/rides allowed?

No, Indoor activities are not allowed. Lets go out and feel the spirit of Freedom Race

Age categories for podium trophies?

The podium trophies for the event will be awarded to age category winner top-3 men and women. The age categories are as follows:

Event Category Age Categories # Trophies
🏃 3 Km, 5 Km upto 18 years, 19-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years & 60+ years 72
🏃 10 Km, 21 Km, 42 Km, 75 Km upto 29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years & 60+ years 120
🚲 10 Km, 25 Km upto 18 years, 19-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years & 60+ years 72
🚲 50 Km, 75 Km, 100 Km, 750 Km upto 29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years & 60+ years 120

Age category as per age as on event start date.

What's age eligibility criteria for the event?

Age eligibility criteria (age as on Aug 6th, 2022)

To participate in 3k run: 8 years and above

To participate in 5k run: 8 years and above

To participate in 10k run: 12 years and above

To participate in Half Marathon : 16 years and above

To participate in Marathon: 16 years and above

To participate in 75km run challenge: 16 years and above

To participate in 10km ride: 12 years and above

To participate in 25km ride: 12 years and above

To participate in 50km ride: 16 years and above

To participate in 75km ride: 16 years and above

To participate in 100km ride: 16 years and above

To participate in 750km ride challenge: 16 years and above

Can I run/ride the race distance multiple times?

Participants are free to attempt the registered run/ride distance multiple times during the event duration. The best recorded time will be considered for final results.

Do I need to run/ride the exact race distance?

Participants must ensure that they run the minimum distance for the registered event distance. For example, for running 5 km, participants must have at least 5 km recorded as part of their activity link.

It is advisable to run a little extra (0.5 km for 5 km run to up to a km for Marathon) to ensure that the distance your app or device saves is at least equal to event distance (apps occasionally reduce distance when saving, or when exporting data from one app to another, example from Garmin Connect app to Strava).

For all participants, we will extrapolate the recorded distance to the actual race distance (reduce/increase the finish time proportionally to make it equivalent to the event distance). So if you run more, we will adjust your finish time accordingly.

Any runs reported of distance less that the registered distance will not be considered. Event organizers will not be responsible for any GPS app or device issues for the participants device.

All runs are to be done as per a person’s own capability without the use of any other vehicle or aid which may help with their finish times, just like in any physical event.

All rides to be done in non-powered bi-cycles only without any external aid.

When will my Strava activity data be imported?

Your activity will be available on our website within an hour of your activity data submission or post availability in your Strava account if you have connected your HDOR account to Strava.

If your run data is not available in your account within one hour, please submit the activity link and data manually via app or website.

How do I qualify as a finisher?

To qualify as a finisher, you are required to submit your activity data on our website in the form of a public GPS activity link (as per your race distance) from apps like Strava, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, etc, or public link to your finish timing at any organized marathon race.

It is not necessary for you to take part in an organized race to submit your run data. A self-supported run/ride which meets the above data submission criteria is enough.

Can my run/ride be disqualified?

Event organizers can reject any entry which has suspect GPS data (straight line outside normal run route, unrealistic high pace like sub 3 min/km pace at any time during run, etc)

Event organizers have the right to take any decisions for disqualifying a participant if the participant is considered to have taken any external help in running the distance (like using a cycle or any other vehicle), using a powered vehicle for rides or any external aid, or cheated in any way.

Should I submit elapsed or moving time?

When submitting activity data for the event manually on our website or via the mobile app, you must submit the elapsed time data for your run. Moving time will not be considered.

When we import data from other apps like Strava, we similarly consider elapsed time for a participants finish time.

Cancellation and refunds information?

No refunds or cancellations are allowed for this event.