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Event Starts April 1st

Are you an existing HDOR user?

Users who already have an account on HDOR platform can join the event by logging in to their HDOR account here and then joining the event from the event information section on your dashboard.

Are you new to HDOR platform?

Users who are new to HDOR platform, i.e. do not have a login account already on, need to first create your free HDOR account here.

Once you have created your account and logged in to the same on, you will see the event information section on your dashboard, and be able to join the event from there.

When does the event finish?

The event starts on Wed, Apr 1st, and will continue until declared closed by event organizers based on status of Covid-19 lockdown advisories in effect in India and other nations.

As per current advisory, the India lockdown is scheduled to expire on 14 April 2020.