Refund Information

Refund Information

The 100 Days of Running 2020 event is currently postponed and not cancelled. We will announce a new date for the event as soon as the Covid-19 situation is under control and normalcy returns to our day to day life.

We would request you to wait for the announcement of the new event date, since we are sure you would love to take part in the event even if it is delayed, and we look forward to your support for the same.

However, if you would still like to go ahead with your event refund, here are the guidelines regarding the same.

Refund Guidelines

1. If you have registered for event without the participant t-shirt option, you can claim refund for same with deduction of Rs 100 / USD 2.

2. If you have registered with the participant t-shirt option, you can claim refund for the same with deduction of Rs 400 / USD 20. Your t-shirt will be dispatched when the Covid-19 situation improves.

3. For participants who have registered via their group representative, any refund will be directly issued to your group representative.

4. All refunds will be processed by June 30th, 2020, or within 2 months of being filed, whichever is later.

Please drop an email to from your registered email address to request for your refund.