Workout From Home With Coach Gagan

HDOR Presents Workout From Home With Coach Gagan

Enhance Your Life With Indoor Fitness Workouts

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation and with limited opportunity to train outside, this is a great opportunity to work on your fitness indoors. Doing your workouts on a regular basis under the guidance of an expert fitness trainer will go a long way to ensure that you stay fit, and that you are doing your workouts correctly and consistently.

Join Master Trainer Gagan Arora for Online Group Exercise Sessions. The duration of each session will be 30 minutes in which Coach Gagan will integrate Mobility, Strength and Cardio elements as per the training plan. Unlike Facebook or Instagram live, these sessions will be conducted via ZOOM app so that there is two way video conferencing and coach can see and monitor the trainees performing exercises and give corrective cues to participants.

First batch starts on Monday, May 11th, 2020. Sign up now!

How will online training sessions work?

The online training sessions will happen live using the Zoom video conferencing app.

All registered participants will be shared a joining link for their live sessions in advance via email or WhatsApp.

There will be 3×30-minutes sessions every week at 6 pm. If more than one batches are required, alternate time slots will be setup by trainer as per convenience of participants & trainer.

Workout From Home Online Live Classes

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Why indoor fitness should be a priority?

Health has no limitations and boundaries but one needs to consider his / her current fitness level and make small goals in order to progress in this journey. Someone in super fit condition to run a marathon might not be in a super fit condition to do a set of pushups. So spreading out your potential in different areas of fitness is important.

The workouts at home can be challenging due to many reasons but at the same time it’s need of the hour. This will be a great opportunity to keep you in good health, learn some new skills, might help in rectifying old postural issues and get a taste of overall well-being.

While everyone is hoping to enjoy another workout, run or ride outdoors. Weekend community runs, pumping iron at gym and a dip in pool will definitely take some time.

Till then #WorkoutFromHome @TrainWithGagan

How will you benefit from this training?

The training plan will focus on Mobility - Cardio - Strength - Flexibility (giving few options to scale the workout for different fitness levels and abilities). All aspects of physical fitness in different ratios will be covered in each session.

Point to point this 30 minutes session will cater to a large audience with varied fitness levels and age groups. Any one from 12 years to 65 years can join and reap the benefits whether you are a school going young kid, an IT professional working from home, housewives or elderly without any serious medical issues.

Join Workout From Home With Coach Gagan Online Sessions

Make fitness your priority. Sign Up now!

The online sessions will be held at 6 pm for the group. In case of more than one group, and for post lockdown, different timings will be considered keeping in mind participants and trainer availability.

Join for 1 month

Rs 1200 /
  • Timeline: May 15th – June 14th

  • 3×30-mins workouts per week

  • Mon – Wed – Fri sessions (6 pm)

  • Live group workouts on Zoom app

* Additional taxes and payment gateway charges as applicable

# Registration for June batch (June 15th - July 14th) will start from May 18th

About Gagan Arora

Gagan Arora is a health and fitness professional with a Holistic Approach. He has over 20 years experience in fitness. He is a distance running coach since 2008 and has been conducting outdoor fitness boot camps since 2009. He has 3 years experience as a Rehab Fitness Trainer at Sports Injury Centre, Safdarjung Hospital. He is also an Active lifestyle and Corporate Fitness Program educator and is involved in planning & Execution of wellness programs with Fortis and many corporates.

- ACSM - Certified Personal Trainer
- Revo2lution Running Master Trainer
- Master Functional Trainer - FTI (AU)
- Reebok Certified Marathon Trainer
- Ironman Certified Coach
- Garmin Master Trainer
- Animal Flow Instructor
- EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist
- Certified REHAB Trainer
- Fellowship in Sports Sciences ( Medversity Apollo Hospitals )
- Reebok Aerobics / Step / Gliding Fitness Instructor


Have any questions about the training/workouts? Check out our FAQ below.

When do I start sessions once I register?

You will be enrolled for the live training on Zoom within 3 days of making the payment. Registration will be applicable for the period which you have registered for (Monthly training window will run from 15th day of the month to 14th day of the next month)

What workouts will I be doing daily?

Workouts will be a combination of mobility, strength & cardio with no or minimum equipment required, things easily available at home. Details will be shared a day prior to session. A mat, towel & hydration are essential for the sessions.

What will be the batch size of group?

Each training group batch will be of minimum 30 participants. Trainer may split larger batches into multiple smaller batches, so for example 100 registered participants may be split into multiple smaller batches. Maximum batch size will be 50 participants.

Cancellation and refunds information

The registration fees are non-refundable and will not be refunded in case the participant is unable to take part in the live sessions due to any reasons.

The batch sessions will commence subject to minimum of 30 participants registering for the group sessions. If case of less than 30 registrations, participants will be provided an option to either cancel their registration with full refund, or they can choose to wait for the minimum count being reached.

In the unlikely scenario of the sessions being cancelled, the participants will be provided refund as per the duration affected by the cancellation.

In case there are less than required members for a monthly batch, the registrations for all participants for the batch may be cancelled and full amount refunded to all participants.

Any more questions?

For any further queries, you can email us on:

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