Nandini Ashokumar

Nandini Ashokumar

June 6, 2021

Nandini Ashokumar is a multifaceted person from Chennai, a prolific teacher par excellence, runner, dancer, motivator, fitness enthusiast, public speaker all rolled into one.
She is a passionate runner who has completed 10 Full Marathons and several Half Marathons. She was one of the running Ambassadors for Inner strength Half Marathon.

As a senior member of the running club ‘Chennai Runners Pillar Pacers’(CRPP) she has extended her support in varied ways. As a mentor and pacer she has helped many to achieve their dream goals. She was part of the first ever women pacer squadron organized by TCSWorld10K and has paced 15 marathon events which includes both 10k and 21K.

She loves dancing. According to her, ‘’ Dance is dreaming with your feet.” She has choreographed flash mobs for her running group. She conducts dance workout sessions for ‘Get Fit series.’ During the initial phase of lock down in 2020, she motivated her family and friends to try dance as a workout routine. This ebullient teacher, marathoner, dancer believes that excellence is achieved by doing small things perfectly with passion.
insta id – nan_teacher