Karandeep Singh

Karandeep Singh

June 6, 2021

Karandeep Singh, is a dedicated runner, enjoys cycling, loves to play badminton and Dance. His favourite discussions are on benefits of staying healthy and strongly believes that age is just a number. Karan encourages everyone to Take the First Step towards fitness, as ‘Every Journey Begins with a Single Step’.
For Karan, what started as an awareness to keep fit, soon turned into a passionate affair. He started long distance running in 2015. With zest and perseverance, he has successfully bettered his distance and time and has since successfully completed various half marathons held nationally and internationally. He did his first ADHM in 2015 with a timing of 2:00:22 and his current PB is 1:38:00.

He is called “Serial Pacer”, he has been a Pacer in many Events and have successfully done Pacing at races like ADHM, TMM, Supersikh, Tuffman, NDM and so on. Apart from Official Pacing he also helps his runner friends and pace them regularly to meet their targets. Karan has paced successfully in over 40 Runs nationally.

Professionally, he is working as an Associate Director at one of the world’s largest FMCGs, he has formed a Marathon Club there as well and encourages his colleagues to run/walk along, he has a club of 200+ Employees who have taken the first step towards fitness and that keeps him happy and motivated.

He is a strong enthusiast for good healthy living and enjoys giving runners the thrill
of successfully completing their runs.