Dipti Jain

Dipti Jain

June 6, 2021

Dipti Jain started her running journey in the year 2016. Before 2016, she had to face a lot of adversities on the health front which was a major worrying factor for her. To come out of it she joined running, and now she has made a great bonding with the sport and made friends all around. She loves everything about her extended family called Running and truly cherishes the small world out there.

Besides running she also does weight training, Yoga, Pilates and various other functional exercises.

She is a fashion designer by profession based out of Mumbai. A mother of 2 and she is 43 now.

In this process of her fitness journey she has learnt many new functional aspects about fitness and newer disciplines and with the sheer passion she opted in to become a nutritionist and a Yoga trainer, so that she can share her knowledge and practical wisdom to a large set of people who are willing to transform themselves.

Dipti has completed 25 half marathons, and she is training to become a marathoner and an ultra-runner in the process. She is also the Brooks Influencer in India.