GSS Virtual Events Platform

GSS Virtual Events Platform

For Race Organizers

Get ready to organize your own virtual race events!

The GSS virtual race platform is now available for race organizers to organize their running, cycling and fitness workouts centric virtual events.

GSS - organizing virtual events since 2015

We at GSS have been organizing virtual events since 2015 on our virtual event portal at So far, we have organized more than 30 virtual events. 100 Days of Running has been the flagship virtual event with 13,500 participants in the 2019 edition. Overall, 2.3 million runs have been submitted on the GSS virtual platform, with a cumulative mileage of 13 million kms. From single day virtual races, to multi-day challenges, we do it all!

Current challenging times need innovative solutions

With the ongoing situation around the Covid-19 pandemic, on-ground events have come to a complete halt. This might be a good time as event organizers to think beyond physical race events, and target a larger audience set with no restrictions associated with physical events like permissions, traffic, logistics, geographic limitations, participant limits, etc.

Virtual races can be set up on demand, can be customized endlessly as per the format conceptualized, limited only by our imagination. Virtual race events are also among the fastest growing event formats far exceeding growth of physical events.

GSS virtual events platform for race organizers

The GSS virtual events platform is now available for race organizers. Following is a short summary of the key features the platform offers.

GSS Platform Key Features
On-the-fly event creation
Multiple event formats support - single day, multi-day, challenges
Running, cycling, and workouts based events
Event registration & ticketing integration
Activity submission & app data import
Dynamic event reports and leaderboards
Participant data management module
Participant activity moderation module
End-to-end customer support
Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Organize your virtual races at unbeatable prices

We not only provide a highly customizable platform to scale up with your growing participant count, ability to define flexible event formats (single day, multi day, custom challenges), dynamic and flexible reports & leaderboards, but we provide these at a very reasonable price point as well.

If you are interested in developing virtual races as part of your events portfolio, drop us an email at to connect with us and book a demo of our platform offerings via video conferencing.