HDOR Global FitFest Trainers


Deepa Nayak

Deepa Nayak is primarily a running enthusiast with keen interest in hiking, yoga, and strength training has been running since 2014. She is 2 times Boston qualified runner and an ACE certified personal trainer.

She started her running career with a corporate event and now it is a deep rooted passion and an inevitable part of her life. This strong pursuit has taken her to a 3.28 Marathon best at IDBI New Delhi Marathon in 2020 February.

She believes right nutrition, functional strength, agility, mobility, stability workouts and most importantly a right attitude are the key to success.

Deepa currently works with an IT firm and is also Running Coach for the Asics Running Club Bengaluru.

Siva Swaroop
A software engineer by profession, Siva is an ardent Ultra Distance runner & Marathon Coach from Exercise Science Academy, Personal Trainer from BFY, and Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher from Isha Hatha Yoga School. Like many of us, I was no different in leading a sedentary life. He had no concern for my health or belief in ‘eating right’ but that was all to change in 2015, a trek to Rajgad-Torna made me realize how fragile and weak my body was. Consequently, what started as a hobby, became a passion and then a profession. Since then, he has trekked and hiked 100+ places around the Western/Eastern Ghats and the Himalayas and participated in 60+ marathons with a combination of half and full. His longest distance was the much-acclaimed Vagamon Ultra 60 km. He is based in Hyderabad.

After seeing a change he was inspired to change the life of others. Hence, he started training the BHEL Ace Runners and RunMachas Runners group with like-minded people. After receiving a few positive reviews and seeing some amazing transformations, he was motivated to start something on his own. Subsequently, TRYSquad – a fitness group was born in 2019 with friends being the initial members, it now has members from across Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore with the numbers steadily increasing. He believes, ‘this is just the beginning!’

Vinita Mungi
Vinita Mungi is a ceramic sculptor by profession but has always been a fitness enthusiast. While trying out various forms or exercises and means to stay fit she gained a varied knowledge about the field and decided to channelise that into the fitness page she runs with her sister (GetfitwithQuarfit) to help others out.

She comes up with unique social media content that becomes homework for people and is easily accessible through her Insta Page. She also promotes well curated mobility and recovery content through her social media pages to help people inculcate a holistic, sustainable fitness habit. With Live Sessions she also reaches out to fitness enthusiasts who want personalised assistance and has collaborated with multiple fitness brands to further her cause.

Vijay Shukla

Vijay Shukla is an Endurance Coach, Sports Nutritionist and a certified Yoga Trainer. He is passionate about road running and track and field athletics. He also owns a run club in Delhi named Team Athletics. He was the Head Coach at Asics Run Club in India and has been on advisory roles at various initiatives by Sports Ministry and various race promoters in the country. He is a Level 1 Coach and has been a finisher at Tokyo Marathon, RAK Half Marathon, Tata Mumbai Marathon and so on. He has also undergone marathon training at Iten Kenya, one of the top marathon training arenas in the world.

Vickram Swamy
Vickram, a Media Professional, has been a fitness enthusiast right from his teenage years, that is for over two and a half decades now. Already being an Ultra Marathoner, having run a distance of 74.80 km, and a Randonneur, having bicycled distances of over 200 km in a single day, he aspires to become a Triathlete.

Through most of his childhood, having suffered from allergic bronchitis gave him the impetus to work on his fitness and that is when he hit the gym. Over time, he represented his college at various bodybuilding competitions.

It was in 2009, that he realized the benefits of endurance sports when he took to bicycling and running. He ran his first Bangalore World 10K in May 2010, and his first marathon in the Bengaluru Marathon in 2015. During his running journey, he has run many ultramarathons, completed several marathons, half marathons and innumerable 10K.

He believes that running is dynamic meditation and enjoys pacing other runners during training and events. He says “it gives me great satisfaction and a sense of achievement seeing other runners cross the finish line”. He’s been the OFFICIAL PACER for TMM ’18 marathon, and Life in Calling ‘Bangalore Thump’ half marathon for three consecutive years. He has also been an EVENT AMBASSADOR of Life is Calling’s flagship events, Bangalore Thump and Celebration Mysuru Run, and Puma’s BRAND INFLUENCER. He was also the program manager of the IRONMAN 70.3 Goa 2018 event.

He emphasizes on the need for not just physical fitness, but for one to be happy and healthy mentally too. He is promoting and spreading this message by founding and managing RUNPHORICS, which is a group of like-minded people, who are into holistic fitness.

Shweta Lakhwani
Shweta Lakhwani, an avid runner from Kolkata is also the Co-Founder of One More Rep, a fitness club. One More Rep is a fitness brand which is into group training. They conduct comprehensive fitness sessions / bootcamp for multiple batches in person and online. Each session is a mix of activities for strength, agility, cardio, speed, alertness, balance etc and occasionally has team games too.

She started running in 2015 and has been absolutely regular since then. Since 2016 she has been winning Podiums for many Kolkata based races including the prestigious Tata Steel Kolkata 25K and Kolkata Full Marathon.

Shreyas Karnad

Shreyas Karnad known as Coach Shreyas is a Running Coach and founder of Runners360 enabling people Run Better and Achieve their Running Goals. Coach Shreyas has been Running for 11 years now who started to Running when he was 120 Kilos. In the process he has lost 60 kilos and ran 25 Full Marathons, a few ultras and has a best of 2.59 for the Marathon. Till date he has coached and mentored over 700 people across the world. Shreyas operates out of the tech city, Bengaluru.

Shiv Shankar Kosgi
Shiv Kosgi prides himself on being an injury-free & avid marathoner & Ultra Distance runner despite being into long-distance running for more than 8 years now. Shiv’s home town is Hyderabad.

Shiv has also competed in prestigious runs across the country such as the Tata Mumbai Marathon, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon & Airtel Hyderabad Marathon & Largest Human Race The Comrades Marathon to name a few. He enjoys his running, focuses on staying injury-free. He has coached & Mentored more than 100 runners to date to in achieving their running goals.

Dr. Ranjani Ramanujam
“Run often, run long but never outrun the joy of running!” Running is pure bliss to Dr. Ranjani Ramanujam, just like chocolate is. Ranjani, a medical professional found her beckoning in running a few years back.

Based out of Bengaluru, she did her first 10K way back in 2008 in Procam’s Sunfeast World 10K, but being a working professional and a mom of two kept her away from regular running for about 9 years after that. However, the beckoning was too strong, and she got back to running in mid-2016, when she was part of one of the relay teams running from Bangalore to Mysore. This was a turning point, and she never looked back. She has done several HMs and 2 FMs of which the first one was barefoot. She did her first 50K in December 2020, thus qualifying to be an ultramarathoner. She has also been into cycling for a few months, and has done up to 50K.

She has been an OFFICIAL PACER in several events conducted by Procam and Life Is Calling, and has been part of the first ever all-women pacer squad in the TCS World 10K 2018 run.

She regularly trains along with Team RUNPHORICS, which is a group of like-minded runners ranging from novices to ultramarathoners and triathletes, in the serene campus of Bangalore University amidst the lush greenery. Her goal is to inspire more and more women to take fitness seriously, and also handhold the newbies so that their interest in running and fitness is sustained and becomes a way of life.

Nandini Ashokumar

Nandini Ashokumar is a multifaceted person from Chennai, a prolific teacher par excellence, runner, dancer, motivator, fitness enthusiast, public speaker all rolled into one.
She is a passionate runner who has completed 10 Full Marathons and several Half Marathons. She was one of the running Ambassadors for Inner strength Half Marathon.

As a senior member of the running club ‘Chennai Runners Pillar Pacers’(CRPP) she has extended her support in varied ways. As a mentor and pacer she has helped many to achieve their dream goals. She was part of the first ever women pacer squadron organized by TCSWorld10K and has paced 15 marathon events which includes both 10k and 21K.

She loves dancing. According to her, ‘’ Dance is dreaming with your feet.” She has choreographed flash mobs for her running group. She conducts dance workout sessions for ‘Get Fit series.’ During the initial phase of lock down in 2020, she motivated her family and friends to try dance as a workout routine. This ebullient teacher, marathoner, dancer believes that excellence is achieved by doing small things perfectly with passion.

Kavita Nair

Kavita runs a business of her own and is a passionate long distance leisure runner. She is based out of Bengaluru and trains with Jayanagar Jaguars. Besides running to soothe her soul, she loves to guide friends and family on fitness aspects and keeping healthy all through the year. She finished various marathons including the Berlin Marathon and Tata Mumbai Marathon.

She is a firm believer of ‘Your Value as a runner is NOT defined by the Clock’!

Girish Bindra
Girish Bindra, fondly known as GB is a Running Coach from Mumbai with 14 years of rich experience in running. An ACSM certified Marathon Training Coach who is enthusiastic enough to share his knowledge and experience to fellow runners and newcomers. He loves ultra-distances and he has covered 252 Kms in one of the Bengaluru Stadium Runs, the longest he ran so far.

He’s the Coach for Asics Running Club over the last so many years since its inception. Recently he was also selected as the Coach for Garmin Run Club in Mumbai. He is also part of the Oziva Fit Squad. Having finished 17 ultra runs including several stadium runs etc, he has also finished 20 Marathons and 98 Half Marathons in his career so far. Twice he ran the Comrades Ultra Marathon Human Race in 2018 and 2019. He’s an amazing personality and the running community across the country respects and adores him.

Dipti Jain

Dipti Jain started her running journey in the year 2016. Before 2016, she had to face a lot of adversities on the health front which was a major worrying factor for her. To come out of it she joined running, and now she has made a great bonding with the sport and made friends all around. She loves everything about her extended family called Running and truly cherishes the small world out there.

Besides running she also does weight training, Yoga, Pilates and various other functional exercises.

She is a fashion designer by profession based out of Mumbai. A mother of 2 and she is 43 now.

In this process of her fitness journey she has learnt many new functional aspects about fitness and newer disciplines and with the sheer passion she opted in to become a nutritionist and a Yoga trainer, so that she can share her knowledge and practical wisdom to a large set of people who are willing to transform themselves.

Dipti has completed 25 half marathons, and she is training to become a marathoner and an ultra-runner in the process. She is also the Brooks Influencer in India.

Arun Mishra

Arun Mishra is from Lucknow and he is popularly known as Coach Arun in the running circles. He is a Telecom professional and is a seasoned Ultra Runner. He founded Arun’s Pathshala, a Boot Camp and also the Insanity Fitness Gym. He specializes in functional training and strength training and focuses on body transformation projects. He has completed a lot of Ultra Runs and Marathons including the 12 Hours Stadium Runs and various Hills Runs.

Karandeep Singh

Karandeep Singh, is a dedicated runner, enjoys cycling, loves to play badminton and Dance. His favourite discussions are on benefits of staying healthy and strongly believes that age is just a number. Karan encourages everyone to Take the First Step towards fitness, as ‘Every Journey Begins with a Single Step’.
For Karan, what started as an awareness to keep fit, soon turned into a passionate affair. He started long distance running in 2015. With zest and perseverance, he has successfully bettered his distance and time and has since successfully completed various half marathons held nationally and internationally. He did his first ADHM in 2015 with a timing of 2:00:22 and his current PB is 1:38:00.

He is called “Serial Pacer”, he has been a Pacer in many Events and have successfully done Pacing at races like ADHM, TMM, Supersikh, Tuffman, NDM and so on. Apart from Official Pacing he also helps his runner friends and pace them regularly to meet their targets. Karan has paced successfully in over 40 Runs nationally.

Professionally, he is working as an Associate Director at one of the world’s largest FMCGs, he has formed a Marathon Club there as well and encourages his colleagues to run/walk along, he has a club of 200+ Employees who have taken the first step towards fitness and that keeps him happy and motivated.

He is a strong enthusiast for good healthy living and enjoys giving runners the thrill
of successfully completing their runs.

Tarun Walecha

Tarun Walecha is an architect by profession and an avid runner by passion. He’s the founder of Delhi’s largest running group RunXtreme, and has been running for over 10 years now. He’s run over 50 half marathons, 10 marathons, 8 ultra-marathons and covered 22000 km in training. He believes running is his calling. He’s been mentoring and coaching for the last 5 years and has been supporting many social causes and NGOs. He strongly believes that running is the way of life that we all must adapt to discover ourselves.

Munir Kulavoor
Munir is a well known certified coach and personal trainer from Mumbai. Having Completed 18 Half Marathons, 18 Full Marathons & 16 Ultra Marathons, he is also the founder of a running club called Explo Runner. He has conceived & conducted regular ExploRunner Workshops, a series of knowledge sharing sessions to promote running in association with the best Sports Science & Fitness professionals.

He is a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) in The BioMechanics Method, a Level 1 Barefoot Training Specialist from Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA Global) and a TRX Qualified Suspension Trainer. He is also a Certified Marathon Trainer approved by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Nutrition Foundation & Sports Nutrition Certification by ACSM.

Apoorva Chaudhary
Apoorva Chaudhary is a marketing professional and an ultra-runner. She also happens to be Adidas Runtastic Brand Ambassador and Adidas Runners Captain for Delhi NCR, so she can be seen training and inspiring thousands of people.

She has done all from breaking the national record in her maiden attempt to representing India 🇮🇳.⠀Her achievements are absolutely mind-blowing; she ran her 1st Full Marathon in Feb 2020, IDBI New Delhi Marathon, and qualified for Boston Marathon in her maiden attempt with timing of 3:28:46. She broke the national record in her very first 24-hour run clocking a massive 176.8kms which guaranteed her a place in the national team.⠀

Apoorva then ran the best 24-hour race by an Indian female running a colossal 202.212kms at the World Championship in Albi, France, and thereby smashed the national record previously set by herself and in the process becoming the first Indian woman in history to cross 200k mark in a 24-hour stadium run.