HDOR Challenges – Registration Confirmation

Registration Confirmation

Thank you for registering for HDOR Challenge Series / Monthly Series.

All challenge events start from Jan 1st, 2020 onwards for annual challenges, and from 1st day of the month for monthly challenges.

Event Completion Timelines

All challenges must be completed within the same calendar year (starting Jan 1st and ending Dec 31st) for annual challenges and within the applicable month start and end dates for monthly challenges.

Login To Website

Existing HDOR participants (taking part in 100 Days of Running 2019 or registered from before) will be able to use their pre-existing login credentials to login to the event website and submit their race data (or setup Strava auto-import). There will be no new submission page or form.

For participants new to the HDOR platform, registering for the first time to any of our virtual events, we will be emailing you your login details within a week of registering. You will then be able to login to your participant dashboard on the event website. Once you have logged in, you will be required to complete your profile details.

Rules & FAQs

Do not forget to go through the Rules and FAQ section on the event page to ensure that you do not miss any important instructions regarding the event.

Follow Us For Updates

For event updates please follow us on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram

If you face any issues in logging in, please contact our support team at support@hdor.com.

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