Backyard Mile Challenge


Backyard Mile Challenge 2020

Not your everyday easy-peasy challenge

Running a mile is easy, right? How about running it once more after an hour, and then another one after two hours, and then keep doing it until you can do no more? You see where we are going with this!

The Backyard Mile Challenge requires you to run a mile every hour for as long as possible. The last woman and man left in the challenge will be crowned as event winner.

This global challenge starts on Friday June 5th 11:30 pm GMT (Saturday June 6th 5 am IST, see chart below for start times in your city/country) . Sign up now!

Finisher Levels


Run 26.2 miles (marathon) and 24 hours


Run a mile every hour for 24 hours


Run a mile every hour for 12 hours


Run a mile every hour for 6 hours

Registration Closed

Event Rules

Rule #1: All participants to start their runs within 10 minutes of a particular hour.

Rule #2: Participants must finish their 1 mile distance before the end of the current hour.

Rule #3: Distance run for every mile for an hour should be a minimum of 1 mile or 1.6 km. More is no problem. Less (even by 0.1 km) means your challenge is over.

Rule #4: Your submitted run details must be available on a publicly visible running platform like Strava, Garmin Connect, Endomondo, Runkeeper, Map My Run, etc as a public GPS activity link. Run details for every hour must be submitted on hdor.com before starting next hour run.

Rule #5: The event will be tracked live on Zoom video conferencing app and broadcast live on Facebook/YouTube. Participants will be required to mark their presence online on Zoom for every hour before proceeding with the run (so, within first 10 mins of the hour).

You can download the Zoom app here.

Rule #6: Indoor runs are allowed for the event. These runs must be done using a sports watch (like Garmin or TomTom watch, see images on right) with a built-in accelerometer to record distance.

Indoor run data submission done without using above will be accepted as valid entry but not eligible for ranking or winner giveaways for top 10 positions.

Please ensure that the run is done keeping in mind the lockdown rules or guidelines applicable in your area by the respective authorities.


A practice session is being held for the event to familiarize participants with the Zoom attendance system and clarify any doubts (check your emails/spam for invite).

Join test session 5 mins before the reporting time of June 5th, 5 am IST (June 4th, 11:30 pm GMT). So join at 4:55 am for India participants, and similarly 5 minutes earlier for other country participants.

International participants – please check session time for your country/city
Only participants who have setup their Zoom Lastname with their HDOR FITID will be admitted. Make sure you have done in advance NOW.

Attendance system is being changed for simplicity. Participants will now be required to connect to the Zoom session for every hour during the first 5 minutes, stay for at least 2 minutes with video on, and drop a comment saying “present”. They will then be free to leave for their run.

In case you have not seen the Webinar video, please see it now. Available on event website. Attendance system as mentioned in Webinar is now not valid. Please refer to above instructions for same.

No Zoom attendance for actual event = No Ranking

Data submission must within same hour for every hour. Late data submission will be rejected and will lead to your event finishing immediately. Ensuring timely data submission is participant responsibility, non-import from Strava will not be considered a valid excuse.

Awards & Recognition

Top 10 finishers based on number of consecutive hours run (men and women) will receive a FREE entry to their event of choice on HDOR.com, applicable for any event during the 2020-2021 timeframe.

Top 10 finishers, men and women, will also receive the following giveaways from our event partner, Garmin India: T-shirt, Wrist-band, Sipper & Bandanna (shipping tentatively only within India, global shipping under consideration)

Top 10 finishers, men and women, will also receive the following giveaways from our event partner, Fast&Up India: 1 Jar of BCAA (MRP INR 2990/Jar) (shipping tentatively only within India, global shipping under consideration)

* Only participants who record their run using either a GPS watch or mobile app with GPS tracking, or participants running using a sports watch in Indoor mode with accelerometer distance based data tracking will be eligible for winner giveaways.

# In case of tie for top 10 positions, distance run will be considered as a tie breaker.

Worldwide Start Times

GMTJune 5, 11:30 pmLondon June 6, 12:30 amNew DelhiJune 6, 5:00 amNew YorkJune 5, 7:30 pmParisJune 6, 1:30 am
TokyoJune 6, 8:30 amMoscowJune 6, 2:30 amDubaiJune 6, 3:30 amSingaporeJune 6, 7:30 amBarcelonaJune 6, 1:30 am
Los AngelesJune 5, 4:30 pmRomeJune 6, 1:30 amSan FranciscoJune 5, 4:30 pmMadridJune 6, 1:30 amChicagoJune 5, 6:30 pm
Abu DhabiJune 6, 3:30 amAmsterdamJune 6, 1:30 amBeijingJune 6, 7:30 amTorontoJune 5, 7:30 pmDohaJune 6, 2:30 am
Hong KongJune 6, 7:30 amSan DiegoJune 5, 4:30 pmBostonJune 5, 7:30 pmSydneyJune 6, 9:30 amLas VegasJune 5, 4:30 pm
MiamiJune 5, 7:30 pmSan JoseJune 5, 4:30 pmWashingtonJune 5, 7:30 pmZurichJune 6, 1:30 amBerlinJune 6, 1:30 am
PragueJune 6, 1:30 amSeoulJune 6, 8:30 amMilanJune 6, 1:30 amHoustonJune 5, 6:30 pmMelbourneJune 6, 9:30 am
Buenos AiresJUne 5, 8:30 pmNairobiJune 6, 2:30 amSeattleJune 5, 4:30 pmSt. PetersburgJune 6, 2:30 amViennaJune 6, 1:30 am
MunichJune 6, 1:30 amDallasJune 5, 6:30 pmIstanbulJune 6. 2:30 amAustinJune 5, 6:30 pmVancouverJune 5, 4:30 pm
MontrealJune 5, 7:30 pmFrankfurtJune 6, 1:30 amLisbonJune 6, 12:30 amBudapestJune 6, 1:30 amSao PauloJune 5, 8:30 pm

Don’t see your city above? Click here and enter your city name to find starting time for your city.

Webinar and Q&A Recordings

Pre-event Test Session

Webinar and Q&A Slides

Join Backyard Mile Challenge

You think you are tough physically and mentally? Do you have it in you to keep pushing your limits? If yes, sign up now!

Event Entry

Rs 99 / US$ 2
  • Entry into the event

  • Website and mobile app tracking

  • Access to leaderboard and reports

  • Finisher certificate

* The ticket price is excluding GST and processing charge


Have any questions about the event? Check out our FAQ below.

What is the event registration timeline?

Event registrations will close on June 4th.

Can I run a mile anytime within the given hour?

No, the mile run should be started within 10 minutes of the allocated hour time for your geography, and must be finished before the next hour starts.

How do I qualify as a diamond finisher?

For qualifying as a diamond finisher, you must meet two requirements.

1. Run a mile (1.61 km) every hour for each of the first 24 hours of the event.

2. Run a little extra to complete marathon distance (26.2 miles / 42.2 km) i.e. run extra 2.2 miles / 3.56 km over 24 hours. You can run this extra distance during any hour, or over multiple hours, but this has to be done during the first 24 hours of the event.

Cancellation and refunds information

Event registration is non-refundable and non-transferable unless the event is cancelled due to any reason by the organizers, in which case the participants will get a full refund.

Any more questions?

For any further queries, you can email us on: support@hdor.com.

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