I started my journey from 133 kg in January 2017. I have been working in the night shift for almost 13 years now. I was not able to take care of my body due to the change in body clock and kept on adding weight and reached 133 by 2016 end. With it started all the health problems such as hypertension. My normal BP used to be at 170/110 with medicine as well. I was not able to sleep properly and the problems kept on rising. The final alarm bell came when I saw at my family I am a father of 2 kids and have a nuclear family which made me realize at the age of 36 if this is my condition then what will happen once I cross-age of 40.

So in Jan 2017, I decided that its time to work on health and joined the gym and started doing slow walks. For almost a year I just concentrated on light exercise and walk with a change in my diet.

I was able to see the results. The hardest thing for me to manage in this journey was still my night shifts as I have to work around 11 hrs. I gradually started jogging slowly and participated in a few official marathons. Till now, I have successfully done 15 Half Marathons and a few 10 km runs.

The best achievement for me is this year ‘Tuffman 6 Hrs stadium run’ where I was able to cross 45 km successfully.

My current weight is 89 Kg and it has been a great journey of losing 44 kg which I have covered.