Known to be a pioneer in IT-related services in and around Lucknow. After serving at senior positions in Multi-Nationals as a software professional I decided to become an entrepreneur.

Despite being active in sports during his college life, turned obese later and weighed 98 kgs In Mar 2016. I was passionate about badminton but that did not help much. A couple of years back I started going to the gym for weight training and boxing but in the year 2017, I found his passion for fitness in running and worked hard which helped me lose 27 Kgs in two and half years with constant efforts and a healthy diet. Besides running I also love cycling long distances and have completed quite a few century and half-century rides.

My journey was not without hurdles and hiccups. Apart from minor setbacks here are just to name a few, right before my first half marathon event I had a minor fracture in the foot while playing badminton and was casted for 21 days and another month for recovery. Then comes Iliotibial (IT) Band injury after IDBI New Delhi Half Marathon. Achilles Tendon injury right before half marathon pacing assignment for Lucknow City Half Marathon 2020 which I did successfully despite shooting pain and swelling.

At the beginning of the year 2019, I became aware of low heart training and started following MAF. The acronym MAF stands for maximum aerobic function. MAF emphasizes the balance of all components of both health and fitness. That’s what this method is all about. We can accomplish this by addressing all areas of lifestyle that are under our control, including physical activity and exercise, food and nutrition, and stress. In doing so, we can significantly improve health and fitness, quality of life, control ageing, and achieve the most amazing feats.

Now I am an avid long-distance runner, a religious MAF follower, love to motivate people and share my knowledge, often compete in marathons and Ultras I say with confidence “how much fun running can be”.

22 – Total Events
01 – Ultra 50km
04 – Full Marathons
10 – Half Marathons
01 – 15km
04 – 10km
01 – 25km
01 – X-Country 16km

1) Agra Half Marathon Jan 2018 (21k)
2) Lucknow City Half Marathon Feb 2018 (21k)
3) New Delhi Marathon Feb 2018 (21k)
4) Shivalik X-Country Run Apr 2018 (16k)
5) Sketchers Performance Run Jul 2018 (15k)
6) Pink Half Marathon Oct 2018 (21k)
7) SBI Green Marathon Oct 2018 (10k Pacer 70min)
8) Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Oct 2018 (21k)
9) Shivalik Ultra Run Nov 2018 (50k)
10) Tata Mumbai Marathon Jan 2019 (42k)
11) IDBI Federal New Delhi Marathon Feb 2019 (42k)
12) Lucknow City Half Marathon Feb 2019 (21k Pacer)
13) TCS World Bengaluru 10K May 2019 (10k)
14) Sketchers Performance Run Jun 2019 (10k)
15) Footloose Run Jul 2019 (21k) Time Variation 00:02:52
16) SBI Green Marathon 17 Nov 2019 (10k) 00:55:47
17) Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 20 Oct 2019 (21k) 02:11
18) Goa River Marathon 17 Nov 2019 (42km) 5:55:49
19) Lucknow Run 8 Dec 2019 (21k Pacer 2:45)
20) Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 15 Dec 2019 2:36:34
21) Tata Mumbai Marathon 19 Jan 2020 (42km) 5:08:16
22) HCL Lucknow City Half Marathon 2 Feb 2020 (21k Pacer 2:30)

Pacer Assignments:
1) SBI Green Marathon Oct 2018 (10k Pacer 70min)
2) Lucknow City Half Marathon Feb 2019 (21k Pacer 02:30)
3) Lucknow Run 8 Dec 2019 (21k Pacer 2:45)
4) HCL Lucknow City Half Marathon 2 Feb 2020 (21k Pacer 2:30)