I started running in October 2017 and my first 10 km event was on 2nd December 2017. Probably the timing was 1.29 hours for 10 km and has run for the first event my journey towards running started and today when I look back over my 4 years journey of running it only highlights that I have developed a passion for running. I took up running at the age of 50 years, so in short a Golden attempt to the activity till I am alive..!!

The mileage speaks for itself, within 2 months I did 180 km, 90 km per month in 2017. My mileage increased in subsequent years from 104 km/month in 2018 to 185 km/month in 2019 and 320 km in 2020.

In 2018 I heard about HDOR from our group members but it was too late to enrol and while our group members were speaking about their daily mileage which not only made me aware of HDOR but I could also generate the interest and desire to ensure that I enroll in HDOR in 2019.

HDOR made me get out of bed every day morning and be on the road for running. A very nice platform for one and all to inculcate a habit of running. I did more than 800 km in 100 days while my annual mileage for the calendar year was 2223 km which confirms that 40% of mileage was done during HDOR.

I can confidently say that HDOR helped me to get into the discipline mode to run every day. HDOR increased my confidence to attempt races like TMM FM, Satara HM, Tata Ultra 35 km and also regular Half Marathons and 10 km.

HDOR was a blessing in disguise during the pandemic year of 2020, as due to lockdown everything was on standstill but my running was on and on.

In our society, we have a podium which is around 200 ms and it was me all alone doing the running within the podium and I am happy to say that I have done at least 3 Full Marathons and a couple of Half Marathons during this time. I ran on an average of 10 km per day in the year 2020 out of which 1283 km was done during 100 days of Running by HDOR.

Though I had a failed attempt of doing 100 km in November 2020 (completed 87 km) I have not quit the idea of attempting 100 km in 2021. I’m confident that I’ll surely do 100 km successfully during HDOR this year.

To summarise my running journey, I have raised my level of 180 km in 2017 to 3838 km in 2020. This has been a fascinating and enjoyable journey.

I shall fail in my duty without extending my sincere gratitude to HDOR for providing a platform full of inspiring runners from around the world.