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HDOR - Virtual Running and Riding Fitness Challenges

  • Organizing virtual challenges since 2015.
  • Industry leading virtual race platform with automatic activity data import capabilities from popular apps.
  • We have events which suits everyone's fitness regime,
  • Our array of virtual events include single day and multi-day run or ride events, monthly and annual challenges
  • Checkout our flagship events like 100 Days of Running & Tour De 100.


Our Testimonials

"Empowering Stories of Perseverance, Triumph, and Personal Growth – Voices from the 100 Days of Running Challenge"


From being a pioneer in virtual events in 2015 to having more than 30 ongoing ride and run events and 19,000+ participants in our flagship event, 100 Days of Running, it's been an amazing journey.





World's largest virtual platform

Organizing virtual events since 2015.
Organizer of the world’s biggest running festival- 100 Days of Running.
Worldwide leader in virtual events with over 100,000 participants.

Easy to submit data

Don’t worry about submitting data everyday.Auto-import support takes care of that.
Just sync your GPS activity data with Strava, connect your Strava account to your HDOR account and you are all set!

Fitness data on mobile app

Your fitness info is literally just a few taps away.
Get quick access to all your up-to-date data, reports, statistics via our mobile app.

Fitness at your doorstep

Start/Continue your fitness regime at your own pace, place and time.
Run or Ride at your convenience.
Avoid the hassle of rushing to remote destinations for starting a challenge.

Your Live fitness dashboard

Our fitness dashboard provides easy and innovative access to your fitness data.
Observe your daily/weekly progress.
Easily track how how you are doing against participants from your group, organization, city or country.

Achievements deserve rewards

We believe that no achievement is too small and all deserve recognition.
Digital finisher certificates are awarded to all finishers.
Look out for our specially designed finisher medal to make it even more memorable.


Launching many new and exciting events to keep you motivated and moving.
Whether you want to test your fitness with our virtual runs, or want to challenge yourself with some of our distance challenges, we have it all here at HDOR.