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Inspiring Story 2018 #72 – Sukhpreet Kaur (Chandigarh)

Sukhpreet Kaur was not a sports person in her early years. However, with 100 Days of Running she found a way to help deal with a personal loss and find...... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #71 – Navjot Kaur (New Delhi)

Navjot Kaur is a fitness consultant at ClassiCurve. She’s now a fitness role model, but it was not always this way. Just a couple of years back, she was struggling...... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #70 – Monika Sharma (Jaipur)

My journey started from Feb 2018.. I always loved walking but some physical conditions motivated me to get going as I hate lying down in pain n living a life...... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #69 – Anita Janu (Jaipur)

Hi myself Anita Janu… a house maker,  mother of two grown up daughters and wife of a defense officer. After trying my hand at teaching job in various schools i...... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #68 – Dr. Satish Gupta (Jaipur)

Hello friends Myself Dr. Satish Gupta I am senior Botany faculty and centre head ALLEN JAIPUR. I have several responsibilities in my institute and my duty hours are more or...... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #67 – Rajinder Gupta (Jammu)

On 31st Dec 2017, I completed my 50 years of existence on planet earth. I had been a health freak for quite some time but confined to gyming and walks....... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #66 – Raminder Bhatia (Chandigarh)

This looks crazy to me too : Century of back to back/daily HMs Last year when Ii completed my HDOR (which included 21 by 21, regular/daily half marathon), I decided...... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #65 – Ishan Joshi (Delhi NCR)

One Hundred Days of Running I am Ishan Joshi, a sixteen-year-old boy studying in the Shri Ram School- Aravali. My father, Rahool Joshi, is a proficient runner who has run...... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #64 – Balasubramanian T (Chennai)

Hello friends, my name is Bala from Dream Runner Group, Chennai. I was weighing 108kg (waist +46”) before I could start up any sort of activity.  I was feeling very...... Read More

Inspiring Story 2018 #63 – Dr Umesh Yadav (Rohtak)

100 days of running – A HOBBY, A PASSION AND NOW AN ADDICTION Hi, I am Dr Umesh Yadav, 31 years, an orthopaedician by profession from Rohtak. At present ,I...... Read More